Your Beagle And Dog Kennel Cages?

Many people who keep pets love them too much to have them constrained. Actually, the majority of people prefer to have them running free around the house and enjoy their antics while interacting with the different family members. The way pets are kept in any house solely depends upon the comfort level of the owner as well as their requirements.

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✅ Portable Pop Open Kennel For Beagle

Lightweight & Flexible – You are so happy with this product. It folds up into a perfect little case making it easy to transport. It is much lighter to carry than expected which is an added bonus. To return the crate to its case all you need to do is twist it and wrap the attached hand which is way easier than the other systems You have tried.

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✅ Portable Foldable Pet Playpen For Beagle

Good for containing little furry terrors – It is very easy to open and collapse. There is a side door that unzips, and the top screen unzips completely. The screen is actually very durable, and her tiny razor claws have not shredded it yet, even though she climbs and hangs and swings from it. The only reason for the four stars instead of five is that the bottom is not very sturdy. It is a thin and flimsy material. It already has a few claw holes in it that I’m worried will tear, letting the furry monster free to terrorize the realm. Other than that, this is a great playpen.

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Dog Cage Crate Kennel For Beagle

Love the large sturdy size – This was a little tricky to assemble correctly because the instructions failed to mention the need for adjusting the pre-installed nuts and bolts holding the four sides onto the base. However, once that was figured out the rest was pretty simple. Highly recommend this crate if you have a dog that can rip apart a typical wire crate.

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✅ Folding Metal Dog Crates For Beagle

Well made crate – Really useful. – This crate is durable, and easy to collapse/set-up. Installation was a breeze, and you can easily travel around with it . Not to mention that the removable plastic tray is extremely useful for cleaning up any little puppy puddles! The crate is very sturdy. He was startled by a worker walking by and lunged in fright. The crate moved a few inches with the force of it but the door held fine, no damage.

Why the Dogs Should be Adapted to Dog Kennel Cages?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you will have to leave your pet behind. This could be because of a vacation, tour, or any other reason that would require you and the whole family to leave your home. In the event of this happening, your dog would be required to be left in a dog kennel.

Most of the dog kennels keep the dog in specially made dog kennel cages; and if your dog never stayed in a cage, it will be quite traumatic for it to be left in the kennel. Hence, all dogs should be trained to stay in the cage on order. In this way, you will not face any problems when and if you have to go on a long trip and leave your dog behind.

The Best Time to Have the Dog Trained with Dog Kennel Cages

There is a time for everything, and dogs usually are most receptive for training between three and eight months of age. It is during this time that people usually enlist the help of a trainer to teach their pets to respond to the basic orders that a dog should normally know. This is the right time to also get the dog trained to stay put in dog kennel cages.

The training for this purpose is usually simple. The dog is ordered inside the cage and left there for a few minutes at a time with the door open. Many times the trainer/owner puts his bedding inside so the dog would go there voluntarily and relax. The door initially is kept open so as to make the dog totally comfortable with it. Within a week or so, when the dog is totally at home with sleeping inside the cage, the door should be shut. Initially for brief periods, till the dog stays inside with the door closed for the whole night.

This exercise should be repeated a few days every month so the dog would not forget the experience or fear it later. As long as the dog does not associate the cage with any negative feelings it wouldn’t be difficult for you to leave it in dog kennel cages.

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