You Can Find Your Beagle With A Dog Tracking Collar

Of the many different dog tracking collar products available on the market, the Pettrax system for dogs is worth taking a closer look at. This is an economical system that has been designed for locating one’s lost pet and comes in several collar sizes that can used on small as well as large pets.

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✅ Most Reviewed GPS Tracker for Large Beagles

Just what my dog needed – This is my first time buying a GPS tracker for my male husky. He loves to run out the door my kids leave open, and his most recent adventure was at our lake house. I really thought he was gone for good. I have looked at several trackers over the months, but even the more popular ones seemed to work only with WiFi which defeats the purpose. I found this one and was at first hesitant since it seemed new on the market, but eventually I decided to give it a try. I am so pleased I did! It is almost spot on with the GPS tracking. The other morning I woke up and my phone said he had left the virtual fence. I looked to see where he was on the app, and afterwards I found him outside in that location. It definitely gives me a peace of mind knowing he is trackable. Excellent dog tracker.

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✅ Unique Bluetooth Tracker for Small and Large Beagles

 I recommend it if you’re like me – This is actually a life saver. I’m always losing either my phone or my keys around the house. Sometimes my phone is weird and it won’t make a sound but it will light up saying my keys are trying to find it. However, every time I use my phone to find my keys, it finds them. I recommend it if you’re like me lol.

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✅ Cheap Training Tracker Collar for Beagles

Can’t beat it – just get it – Great product! I bought one for a 60lb lab and another for a gift for a 7lb mix. Both do great with it. My lab never has to be shocked. He usually responds only to the vibration mode. (It has 3 modes, beep, vibrate, and shock). I primarily use it to keep him from running off. The 7lb mix barks way too much and it works great for her as well. Both are chargeable, so you don’t have to keep up with buying batteries(like my previous one and that saves money and I don’t have to wait to use it because it’s dead). The controller shows the status of the battery for both. I love that it locks, so if it’s in your pocket it doesn’t accidentally shock the dog. Also, that you can hook up multiple dogs to one controller(I have two labs so this is awesome). Has a good range. Great price, just can’t beat it for everyday use.

It has a pocket-sized receiver that is lightweight and comes with integrated telescoping antennae that are simple to use. When this dog tracking collar is activated it emits a “beep” every second and one can employ the receiver to ascertain which direction the signal is strongest.

Technology Has Made It Possible to Keep Pets from Getting Lost

It may have taken quite some time, but finally technology has supplied us with the means to find lost pets, in spite of our absent mindedness as well as the pet’s own wayward ways. One may feel more reassured knowing that there are dog tracking collars available that will help track down your missing pet, and is a safety item that the dog simply should not be left without.

The better dog tracking collars will, in Locate mode, emit audio beeps and an on-screen directional display will quickly guide owners to their misplaced pet, even if they happen to be beyond visual range. One may also use the Alert mode to set invisible boundaries that can be set around the dog tracking collar, and includes near, medium or far, and owners will be warned when the pet strays beyond such preset boundaries. An audio alarm, on screen display details that the pet has gone missing and strayed beyond the preset safety zone, and cause a vibration Alert to be triggered.

A popular dog tracking collar made by Innotek is able to track 64 dogs up to a radius of seven miles, and its handheld receiver allows for 24 hours of continuous use while operating on a standard 9-volt alkaline battery. One can use it for both close ranges tracking within one mile radius as well as for long range tracking of up to seven miles.

With adjustable gain control that can be manually set, users will get precise directional finding that is superior to competitive products. With built-in speakers as well as headphones, the user can select through which source to listen to the signals, and it is also useful during night use thanks to a backlit display, treeing indicator as well as precise tuning that enables one to follow the signal right up to the dog itself. With programming features also provided, this is certainly a very innovative and advanced product that can be carried continually over long distances.

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