Wireless Containment Systems: What They Do?

Most of us love animals, so much that they’re part of our lives. However despite their tamed nature, they can wreak havoc for you and your surroundings without the use of a pet containment system. There are traditional ways of teaching pets to behave, however, unless you have a lot of free time for training, you should consider other options. Pet containment systems allow pet owners with little time to reduce the time of training it takes to teach their pets what they shouldn’t do in a very calm and understanding manner.

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Great, easy, worth every penny – This fence works well and the dog learned within days how to use it with very little training. The directions are easy and setting it up is a breeze. Long and short, it took your puppy two days to learn the alert comes before the buzz. It takes a bit to set out your perimeter, but if you are patient you can find a spot that will basically surround your entire house. There is also a learning curve to what your dog will respond to but once you find the balance of your area and the level of “buzz” your dog does not like it will open a new world to you and your pet. Before we had our pup on a 15ft lead anchored in the yard but he would get bored or chase after things and then be yanked back when he reached the end of the lead.

Different Types of Containment Systems

The three basic prevalent forms of pet containment systems available according to the circumstances and size of the pet are as follows:

A containment system that is used indoors is generally recommended for pets or small size that should be kept inside the house at all times. You can totally restrict or allow the roaming of your pet in certain rooms of your house. The doors usually have a small trap door that is quite popular. That’s because they are convenient for both the pet and the owner.

Some pet containment systems include outdoor areas and they can even be made “invisible” by burying a wire across the perimeter of your house. For instance, these can specifically be attached to your dog’s kennel so you won’t need to tie the dog to the kennel to keep him contained.

The wireless pet containment system is the 3rd type of containment system and works with the aid of a transmitter. This system works by using static shocks to confuse the dog and to punish it if it tries to leave the area that was set for it. Eventually, the dog will realize that by not abandoning the area you assigned to it, it can avoid those annoying shocks.

Things to Consider

There are some things that you have to take into consideration when choosing the most appropriate pet containment system:

Most importantly, you should take into consideration the type of pet you have, its size, its habits, and its need for movement.

The temperament of your pet might play a significant role

Always get a product from a trusted manufacturer to avoid nasty surprises.

Finally, a containment system is not a substitute for spending quality time with your pet. Having a pet containment system will help you avoid finding your house turned into a disaster area by your pet. There are many types of containment systems in the market. However, always buy your wireless pet containment system from a company with an established name in the market.

Training Your Dog With Wireless Pet Containment Systems

For those of you who are seeking a hassle-free solution for your dog containment within set boundaries, innovative and trendy pet containment systems prove to be handy and utile

Sorts of Pet Containment Systems

They can either be electronic wired pet containment system or wireless pet containment systems

The wired one requires a collar that has to be worn by the dog and a small transmitter. An invisible fence is installed by burying a wire in the desired limits of the dog containment area. The transmitter is placed near the wiring and it effectively completes the circuit composed by the wiring, ready to detect the approaching of the dog’s collar. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the containment system then warns the dog through a sound when this one is approaching the invisible fence. If the dog continues moving on, even after being warned by the sound, then a mild, painless electric shock will be given through the collar.

A wireless system avoids the hassle of wiring and installation. The training DVD that comes with every purchase of the dog containment systems assists in installation, set up, and training with ease.

Benefits of Pet Containment Systems

Being confined to the boundaries set/customized by you, your dog is protected from trespassers and vehicles plying on the road. In addition, you can forget about the problems caused when your dog runs after guests or strangers, and if you live in an open area, it won’t be able to wander off and get lost. Compared with electrical fences, containment systems are cheaper and more effective.

You’ll see results without investing much time or money. Pet containment systems are versatile in nature and can be chosen based on the availability of area, the temperament and the size of the dog. Trenches and pits will be a thing of the past.

Moreover, any number of dogs can be contained with one of these pet containment systems. Even when you’re not home, the system will continue to protect your dog. There are several pet containment systems for those who want to keep their dog confined to a certain area. They are very versatile and can adopt almost any form and size. In addition, a dog containment system can be used for as many dogs as you want.

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