Why Beagle Dog Training Sometimes Doesn’t Work!

Training a dog is neither easy nor is it 100% guaranteed. This is because there are certain breeds of dogs that do not and will not get trained, even if you leave them in the care of the best trainers in the world. So, if you come across a trainer who brags that he can train any dog given to him, don’t believe him. Or perhaps he says it because he has never been given a challenging and difficult dog to train or he just doesn’t handle difficult cases. But usually there are certain common reasons why this happens. Here are some of them:

Owners like you don’t make time to train their dogs:

 If you as an owner don’t think it necessary to carve time out to train your dog, it’s never going to happen. Often, owners are just too lazy or socially preoccupied to even stop to think how important this activity of training their pet is. My advice to you, therefore, is to take time off from watching TV, playing video games, surfing the web, talking on the phone, listening to music, reading, playing a sport or just relaxing and include training your dog into your schedule.

You’re too busy at work and travel a lot too:

 If your work is so demanding that it causes you to travel a lot, why take on the responsibility of a dog? And if you must have a dog and if you did hand him over to a trainer to train and return to you, even then you need to take time out to find out how he’s faring with the trainer. And you also need to ask the trainer how to treat your dog once he’s back with you.

Fix the dog and hand him back:

 If this is your attitude towards your dog, then you don’t deserve to own one. Remember that here we’re discussing owning and looking after a dog, not a car or a lifeless gadget. So, put your heart where your money is and show a genuine feeling for the animal.

You treat your pet like your own baby:

You can treat your dog like your baby, but it’s still wiser to draw the line somewhere and realize that finally they are still dogs. You may have brought home a pedigree, but where are his manners? You might brag to the world that you’ve brought home a champ and a pedigree. But dogs will be dogs and if untrained, will resort to pulling, jumping, barking, growling, or attacking people and other dogs. If this is the behavior your dog comes up with, then no one is going to be impressed by his proud lineage. So, think about training him.

You use old and wrong instructional tools:

You refuse to see the harm choke chains, pinch collars, Haltis, gentle leaders, or clickers can do to your pet. And then, you’re not willing to use anything different and better either.

You couldn’t handle this big dog:

As a prospective owner, you want a big and tough dog, but having got one, you now realize that you just can’t handle one physically, especially if you are elderly, suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, bad backs, bad shoulders or are handicapped. You need to stick to smaller or medium size breeds that you can always control.

You ignore the warning signs:

When your dog shows signs of not learning or aggression, you ignore it thinking it’s a passing phase. But bad habits don’t go away all by themselves so don’t expect your dog’s growling, snapping, chasing, aggression toward strangers, attacking other dogs or any other aggressive behavior to go away on its own. You can’t expect your kid to do a good job of training your dog: Just because you gift your smart kid with a pet of his choice doesn’t mean he can be relied upon to train him well. This is because he doesn’t know how to train him, so it ends up being your responsibility, your dedication and your time. And then there are vet bills, lack of training, grooming, cleaning, walking and destructiveness to counter. Can your kid handle that?

You think you got yourself a defective dog:

Just because your earlier dogs weren’t temperamentally like this one or didn’t give you as much trouble, doesn’t mean this one is defective. Frankly, you shouldn’t keep making comparisons between earlier and present dogs, nor should you change this one just because he displays behavioral aberrations. It’s just that your dog needs training, which you perhaps don’t consider important.

You blame it all on the weather:

The weather wasn’t right for training your dog so you couldn’t take him out. Or perhaps it was such beautiful weather that it was just right for a spin with your friends. But the weather is never right for taking your dog out training, right? So, from the above reasons, you do realize that your attitude toward your dog is instrumental in him being well trained or not. Now, his future is in your hands.

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