What About a Memory Foam Bed For Your Beagle?

As they grow older, dogs – especially larger ones – may begin to develop health problems that require you to make some changes in the care you give them. You may, for instance, decide to switch their food to a brand containing less fat. Vet check ups become bi-annual instead of once a year. Long romps with a Frisbee turn into slower, less playful walks.

But what about your dog’s bedding? Does that require a change, too? Read on to find out whether your dog might benefit from a memory foam dog bed.

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Unique Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed For Beagle

WELL WORTH THE MONEY – lovely bed for Your Pet . Very supportive thick memory foam base and your dog loves the cushion roll at the top to rest her head on. bought the large size for your dog after going through all the reviews and photographs and it fits her perfectly. very pleased with purchase.

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Most Reviewed Large Memory Foam Dog Bed For Large Beagle

Washable and durable – You get 3 parts with this bed: A mattress, a topper, and the cover. There is no funky chemical smell to any of it and it was easy to put the cover on and zip up. The cover fabric is a soft velvet-like material that looks really nice. None of the pieces look or feel cheaply made.

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Cheapest Memory Foam Dog Bed With Washable Cover

Soft, comfortable, easy to clean. – It’s the perfect size for Your Pet . As she gets older it may need some extra foam shoved in it. The cover comes off easily for cleaning.

What Are Memory Foam Dog Beds?

Memory foam is a special kind of foam that is sensitive to heat and pressure. First used in a human medical setting, it was valuable in relieving pressure from bedsores and easing tension in the back and legs. Memory foam beds are now commercially available to humans under several different names.

Memory foam beds for dogs work very much like memory foam beds for humans. Basically, as a dog sinks into the foam, the foam adjusts itself to cradle the dog’s body, relieving pressure on key points such as the back, hips, and knees that ordinary cushions might irritate.

What Kind of Dog Needs a Memory Foam Bed?

Dogs that require memory foam beds tend to be larger breeds like Dobermans, Dalmatians, Labradors, Great Danes, etc. They are often older dogs, and may carry diagnoses such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, back pain or recent surgical history. If your dog no longer seems comfortable in his regular bed, ask a vet if a memory foam dog bed might be appropriate.

Where Can I Find a Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Check your local pet store, or go online to PetSmart of Petco. Another place to check is the orthopedic dog beds section of www.bigdogbeds.com. A word of caution though; this site can get very pricey depending on the upgrades you select. For instance, a “huge” foam mattress with a waterproof cover will run you between $600 and $700.

Another delightful site, far less expensive because it lacks the bells and whistles of pet specialty sites, is www.foambymail.com. Click on the “dog beds” section. No matter how large your dog, you won’t spend more than $50 here.

Just like our needs, your dog’s needs will change as he ages. Why not buy him a memory foam dog bed so he can spend his remaining years with you in pampered comfort?

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