What A Deluxe Bark Control Collar Offers You?

If you have a dog at home, you know that he or she is just as important as anyone else in your family. Your four-legged buddy gives you warmth, loyalty, and likely quite a bit of laughter. However, at times, our best friends might get too excited about something. In these cases, there is much barking. If you’re tired and stressed, you might even wish for a moment not to have a pet. If you have a situation like this or a similar one, then what you need is the PDBC-300.

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PetSafe Bark Collar For Beagle

Solid, basic bark collar – This one progressively learns the dogs barking habits and gradually increases the shock. Open up the battery compartment and there are some serious electronic in the unit. The collar is plenty long, cut the excess off and heat the ends to stop fraying.

Something to Consider

If removing stimuli that usually make your dog bark doesn’t help the situation, then you likely need to resort to a bark control collar in order to remedy the problem. It will probably be worn only for a while, as there are many dogs that learn to stop barking at inconvenient times even without the collar on.

Even when wearing it, the deluxe bark control collar isn’t a burden. It’s very light, and adjusts to your dog’s neck perfectly due to its Quick-Fit design. It detects barking through the use of a microphone and vibration detectors, and it comes with 18 levels of automatic correction, which is among the highest in the market. Due to this system, the collar doesn’t need any remote controls or external switches. You just put it on and it does the job.

The collar may we worn full-time, because of its resistance to water and the fact that the battery has a six-month lifespan. The collar has an indicator that will go on when it’s time to get a new battery. The collar and its battery have been PetSafe approved, so you know that your pet will be perfectly safe and ok when it wears the collar. In addition, the PDBC-300 has a limited lifetime guarantee.

We Stand By Our Products

As with all the products we manufacture, the PDBC-300 is tested first on our dogs. Therefore you know that it is a safe and worthwhile device, because otherwise we would not be selling it.

The PDBC-300 is one of the best tools there are in the market for controlling barking. It’s light and ergonomic, and adjusts perfectly to any dog’s neck. The deluxe bark control collar is PetSafe approved, and therefore, there’s no need to worry aboot hurting your pet.

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