Using A Dog Shock Collar With Your Beagle

Behavior modification is the goal of using a dog shock collar and by presenting an uncomfortable feeling, the dog being trained will typically stop the behavior immediately. When used in conjunction with verbal commands it will not take long for the animal to understand what it is you want them to stop doing.

Usually when a dog does something, he is not intending to be bad, he just doing what dogs do. Whether it is incessant barking, jumping up on people or digging in the flowerbed, it is just a dog’s natural behavior. You can stand there are offer loud verbal commands all day long, but with no physical ramifications, like the ones from a dog shock collar, the dog will learn quickly that nothing is going to happen so it can ignore the voice commands.

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High quality water-proof training collar – The collar is rechargeable and a charger comes with the package (as well as a training manual which is worth reviewing!). The charge lasts for a few days, very impressive. This collar should not be used with a leash. Also, the collar is very long and you can cut it as needed so your dog doesn’t have extra collar curling around her neck. You could also put the collar receiver on a fabric collar if you find one that is thin enough.

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Awesome battery life! – The charging setup is good especially the magnetic collar attachment. The procedure for setting up or modifying the settings seems well thought out, not prone to accidental changes, and easy to modify in the field if desired. This training collar has been great. After sitting down with the instructions and testing it put it on your dog. She doesn’t mind the collar.

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Good training collar – This e-collar is extremely easy to use. Your dog should have basic commands learned before training with an e-collar. Only apply stimulation following a command not followed by your dog. Unless it was a bite, a command that was not obeyed should be the only times you stimulate the dog. Very easy to use. Never have used the beep sound as it tends to confuse the dog. The vibration is good to warn the dog that a stimulation may follow if his behavior continues. 3 is the strongest setting so far in a 2 month period. Never used in water, can’t comment. Battery life is good enough for any outing. If using at home, Transmitter signal reaches collar thru walls or any obstacles in your house. Our Dog is very responsive to collar stimulation. Your dog will learn to behave eventually without e-collar.

The remote control accompanying most dog shock collars on the market usually has a range of 100 to 300 feet so behavior can be corrected when you see it happen. Many of the devices have more than one frequency and can be used on two or more different collars as reminders to several dogs that they are exhibiting undesirable behavior.

Use Dog Shock Collar At Home Or In The Park

One of the advantages of using a dog shock collar is that it can be used wherever you and dog go. Whether at home or on the road, a dog shock collar can help your dog be on its best behavior. When you take it for a walk in the park, make sure you have the remote control in your pocket to use when needed. Verbal commands should also be used in conjunction with a dog shock collar, as your dog will soon understand that if it ignores the voice it will feel the shock.

The invisible fence containment systems also use a dog shock collar to set limits of where your pet can go. It usually doesn’t take long for a dog to recognize the boundaries of its free-roaming ability and after it feels the shock a few times, will not cross that border. If the buried fence encompasses a large perimeter completely circling your property it may take awhile for your dog to recognize the entire area.

Barking can also be silenced by a dog shock collar designed to feel the dog’s physical change in the throat when it barks and emit a shock. It usually does not take long for the dog the understand that a bark results in an unpleasant shock.

Why You Should Use a Dog Training Shock Collar on Your Dog

Every dog owner who is considering using a Dog Training Shock Collar to control his dog’s misbehaviors should keep in mind some important points. The majority of people have an incorrect idea about how a shock collar works.

Call It What You Will

Calling an effective tool for dog training as a “shock collar” can cause a real shock in some people. It is possible to imagine that the shock is very painful and dangerous to the wellbeing of your dog, but it actually is a small stimulation just enough for dog to notice. It’s more of a static electricity shock, much like we humans can get if we walk on carpet and then touching someone. So, most people choose to call the device “electric collar” or “remote collar”.

It’s Not From The Collar!

Undoubtedly, it is clear for dog owners that the shocks are sent from the reciever located on the training collar. But you want your dog to believe the shock he gets when he does an undesired behavior is happening because he misbehaved – and to not realize that the dog training shock collar did it. Let your dog have the training collar on and get used to it, especially in the times when you pet him, feed him or play with him. That way, the collar isn’t something new the same time the negative stimulation happens, and he won’t associate the two as related.

Go Easy On Him

It may seem that the stronger the electric impulse sent to the dog, the stronger message he receives. Nevertheless, it is always better to try doing the opposite. It is recommended to begin with applying the lowest degree of shock followed by increasing the level of stimulation intensity in case the dog is not responsive. What can be a sign that your dog is responding? Any movement or activity of the dog showing that he has noticed the stimulation. It could be a twitch of the ear, a scratch of the head, turning the head, or something else. It shouldn’t be barking or acting panicked. Panicking or howling can mean you’re sending too strong an electric pulse from the Dog Training Shock Collar

There are important things to remember when using a Dog Training Shock Collar. The shock isn’t as bad as you might think, but don’t overdo it. Learn more about your Dog Training Shock Collar and introduce it in a way that the dog won’t realize the shock came from the collar.

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