The Big Dog Nano No-Bark Collar That Makes Training Easy (2021)

A dog that barks too much, specially at night, can be really upsetting to your neighbors, and it usually becomes a problem to the owner. While it’s true that a barking dog can effectively ward off unwelcome strangers, it’s also true that it can be intimidating to a person who may not know the dog. After all, it’s hard to remain calm when facing a big barking dog, no matter what the ancient proverb says.

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✅ Shock Collars for Dogs

Adjustable setting are perfect! – This remote training collar is amazing!! It took some time for dog to get used to what the beep and vibration mean, but it corrects him immediately (using the shock on him, as the beep and vibration are enough to correct him).

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✅ No Shock Barking Collar For Beagle

Life changing! – This is the first and only safe, no shock collar, that has worked on beagle. Dog doesn’t yelp, or feel any pain, there’s no citron spray, but the tiniest vibration that he finds unpleasant. But no pain or discomfort displayed. When it’s on he doesn’t get into barking fits like he has done in the past. Makes life a lot better for us all. Dog seems completely fine with it.

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✅ Anti Barking Training Collar For Dog

Durable and reliable – The collar is very durable and so far has worked wonders for your dog. It only took one time with vibration and they haven’t barked since. It’s important to remember to not leave these or other bark collars on 24/7 as it can rub their necks. When used properly, bark collars are a great training tool and impressed with these collars for the price.

Thankfully, a variety of advanced bark control devices are now available, and fast gaining in popularity among dog owners. These devices work on a number of several principles: some of them will give a mild static shock to the dog, while others will spray its muzzle with a lemon squirt, and yet others will emit a sound that only the dog can perceive.

After several interviews with dog trainers and professionals who have tested several brands of training collars, most of them agree on one model that works all the time. The PBC00-11047 model. Here’s a small review of this collar.

Model Outline

The PBC00-11047 was designed specifically for large breeds, using the latest technology in dog training. That’s the reason why it is also called the “Big Dog Nano No-Bark Collar” by some dog owners. The collar is crafted from durable, lightweight material and therefore offers a high level of comfort to any large dog that wears it.


The PBC00-11047 offers several useful features and benefits, some exclusive to this highly popular model. Some of the most practical ones are the “Perfect Bark” system that detects when your dog barks with sensors that sense the vibrations caused by the sound of barking; 10 levels of intensity that will let you use the exact level of stimulus that your dog needs; resistance to use and water, so your dog can use the collar even when it rains, and an indicator that will tell you when the battery is low.

The big dog nano no-bark collar has some patented features that are unique to the model, and offers benefits that are both, useful and dependable. The PBC00-11047 has consistently given good results over and over in every test and with every pet. At the end of the day. It’s really something to bark about.

The PBC00-11047 is a training collar designed for large breeds. It’s light, yet resistant. The big dog nano no-bark collar has been given results over and over.

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