Should You Get Your Beagle A Fleece Bed?

Choosing a dog bed used to be as simple as plucking a worn out blanket from the dryer and tossing it in a corner. But times have changed, and there are almost as many styles of dog beds as there are ‘people beds’. There’s the feathery pink canopy bed for the truly spoiled poodle, the natural wood finish bed for the clown-faced pug, even the memory foam bed for the aging Doberman.

But before you set yourself back three or four paychecks choosing exactly the right designer bed for your dog, why not consider a basic fleece bed? There are many good reasons to do so.

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Unique Luxury Fleece Dog Bed For Large Beagle

Great bed for giant breed dogs – This bed is a good bed not nearly as well made or supportive as the big barker. The foam of this bed is made of one piece of a semi supportive foam. Meaning it squishes relatively easy as compared to the big barker.

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Most Reviewed Washable Fleece Bed

Comfy and Attractive Dog Bed – So soft! Perfect for Your pet. It is very easy to pop in the washer & dries quickly, quite ice for the price! It came in the smallest package ever! Once opened, it expanded into a wonderfully soft blanket.

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Comfortable Donut Cuddlier Dog Bed For Small Beagle

Super Soft and Attractive – The bed arrived quickly in a nice vacuum bag. Once opened, it quickly expanded to a nice soft and fluff bed. They are quality bedding, very soft and fluffy. They arrive vacuum sealed so it takes a day or two to expand to their full potential.

Fleece Dog Beds Are Warm and Comforting

Your dog came from a litter of pups that slept in a big tumbling pile to preserve body heat. Now you’ve got your little one home, and she’s understandably nervous, lonely, and cold. A fleece bed will keep her nice and warm as she adjusts to the often pleasant realities of being an only dog.

Fleece Dog Beds Are Relatively Inexpensive

Pampering your pet with a pink canopy beds will cost you around $200. Most fleece dog beds are available for between $20 and $100, less if you manage to snap one up on sale at a pet discount store or at an online auction.

Fleece Dog Beds Fit Well Into Crates

You’ve probably heard about crate-training your dog. Maybe you thought it sounded mean, like sending your new little friend off to puppy Siberia. But the truth is, dogs are den animals. They like having a quiet, low stimulation space they can retreat to from time to time. A fleece mat provides comfort and a place to curl up and rest while they’re decompressing from a busy day. And let’s face it; a natural finish wood bed looks pretty silly in a crate.

Fleece Dog Beds Come In All Different Shapes, Sizes and Colors

Whether you need a large, round, navy green fleece bed for your Dalmatian or a tiny pink fleece bed for your Hiltonesque teacup Chihuahua you shouldn’t have much trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for. Fleece is available at almost every pet store in an amazing array of styles and colors.

Fleece Dog Beds Are Washable

No matter how much we love our dogs, we know they occasionally roll in mud, tussle with skunks, or take a flying leap into a rancid pond. Then, of course, they rush home to curl up on their beds and regroup. This homing instinct is natural, but it can leave the dog’s bed smelling like four day old garbage. How convenient, then, that a fleece pad can be tossed into the washing machine to come out smelling fresh and new again. (Too bad the same can’t be said for the dog!)

So, before you race off to spend hundreds of dollars on a unique bed for your dog, stop a minute and consider a fleece dog bed. It may not be as original as a Haute Diggity Dog Hollywoof Limo, but it’s a tried and true recipe for happy and healthy dogs.

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