SDF-100, Effective Underground Fence System For Temperamental Dogs

If you have a temperamental dog, then the SDF-100 is what you need for it. It doesn’t matter if your dog is hard to train since the SDF-100 has shown results with the most stubborn of dogs.

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SportDOG In-Ground Fence Systems For Beagle

Easy install. Instructions were pretty clear – This invisible fence works great for Beagle. Set up was easy to understand and everything seems weather proof. However, pay attention to the battery dying in the collar. when it was almost dead and the dog figured it out because the beeps/shaking were lacking and left the yard. However, would recommend if you want an invisible fence.

How It Works

The fence transmitter unit, which is plugged into the wire socket, emits radio waves that extend to the far end of the preset boundary, which is set via the wire looping. Then, the dog has to be trained to get accostumed to the safe zone with the help of the training flags included in the set, so that it can have a visual aid of the location of the boundaries. The receiver collar fastened to his neck admonishes him with a sound when he approaches the far end of the safe zone. If the dog disregards the warning sound and tries to cross the boundaries, the collar it wears will deliver static shocks in increasing intensity in order to train it to stay within the area assigned to the anima

Fitted with an in-built lightening protection mechanism, the waterproof collar operates using a 9V battery that needs to be replaced once in every 6-12 months. The Sportdog’s SDF-100 includes a DVD that will teach you how to use the system to train your dog and keep it inside your house.

Other Feature Offerings

One of the remarkable features of this Sportdog in ground fence is the anti-linger mechanism that prevents the dog from wandering around the warning zone when the battery reaches exhaustion. Also, the correction received by your dog can be adjusted to match its temperament, which comes handy when dealing with very stubborn dogs. Other features that are worth mentioning are the indicator of battery level and the collar that can be adjusted to almost any size of dog’s neck.

The collar that comes with the SDF-100 can be used on dogs that weight at least 4 kilograms and a half. Toy dogs and small breeds should use other types of collar. The SDF-100 unit comes with a 1000 feet boundary wire and 100 training flags which can be further extended to a maximum of 100 acres of boundary area using extra wires and training flags. Additional collars when used with SDF-100 can aid the pet owner further in containing multiple pets within predefined boundaries.The SDF-100 is the perfect solution for owners of dogs that are too temperamental. The system gives correction to dogs in doses that match the animal’s temperament. You can also expand the Sportdog’s SDF-100 if you want, by purchasing additional wire.

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