Review: Veterinary Secrets Revealed


If you are concerned about any aspect about your dog’s health, then the eBook called Veterinary Secrets could save you not only money, but also the stress of having an unhealthy pet!

 Written by a qualified Vet, this eBook provides step by step instructions on how to keep your dog or cat healthy. It’s like having access to a Vet 24 hours a day without having to pay for each time you have a question.

 There are some very useful tips and techniques that veterinarians use all the time when treating dogs. These are essential for any dog lover, as it’s like getting a backstage pass where you’ll learn how to examine, diagnose, and treat your dog at home.


This book can save you a great deal of time and money. You will find plenty of information that you can use to care for your dog at home, without having to run to the Vet each time. It will give you a degree of self sufficiency to handle many of the common health problems.  The book features more than 1,000 home remedies. This eBook offers great preventative advice also on ways to feed your dog healthier foods, and as a result reducing the chance of your dog experiencing health problems, and thus extending their life span.

This eBook features three main subjects – covering behavior problems including aggression, ailments including arthritis and back spasms, and major illnesses including cancer. There is no doubt that there are a lot of things covered in this eBook, and will be all you’ll need to provide better care for your dog at home.

 Of course an eBook alone cannot replace the need to ever see a Veterinarian, so if you are ever concerned about your Dog’s health, please consult your local Vet.


This book is very simple for anyone to use. You don’t need to have a degree in medicine or be a veterinarian. The information is very straight forward and written in a plain language. Anyone who is willing to provide quality comfort and care for their dog or cat will benefit from this book. I learned how to instantly calm my pets, stop diarrhea, cure bladder concerns, ease back pain, soothe coughing, and about dental concerns.

 Additional information covered in the book includes pets and cancer, kidney disease, constipation, liver disease, and diabetes. Pets can have a variety of health concerns that need to be addressed. With the 1,000 remedies included in this book, you are sure to find exactly what you need to care for your dog in the best way possible. Many of the items you need to use can be found in your home already. This means you can provide instant relief for your pet without the expense. You also don’t have to watch them suffer as you wait for an appointment or if they are ill after hours.

 Each topic in the book is listed alphabetically so you can pick up the book and instantly find what you are looking for. You will also find pictures and a complete detailed description of the ailment to help you make the proper diagnosis. For further details you can look in the index.


This remarkable book is available for only $49.97, less than the cost of one trip to the veterinarian. Considering you get more than 1,000 home remedies and valuable information on how to provide care for your dog, this is a great price. It will also help you ensure your pet eats the right foods and lives a long, healthy life.


The price also includes three bonuses that you will be very happy with. Introduction to Acupuncture teaches you the basics of this procedure with various diagrams to help your dog or cat who is suffering from arthritis. Healing your Pet with Food ensures you can feed your pet properly if they suffer from allergies or cancer. The last bonus is called Cancer Prevention in your Pet, allowing you to do all you can to lower their risk.

 For more Information, visit Veterinary Secrets

Here are a what a few owners of this eBook had to say about it:

 “Dear Dr. Jones,

I have read your book and I am better prepared to handle an emergency with my Dog “Annie”. I know how to do CPR on a dog and how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, etc. She is 7 and has arthritis in her left rear leg, probably in the knee. I am going to treat her now with your alternative treatment.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having this reference book. I recommend it to every pet owner. It’s a must have. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your “problem” with the association. Thank you.

Alan Schulz, Northbrook, IL USA
 “Dr. Andrew Jones:

We are the lucky caregivers to four yellow labs, ages 9, 8 and two 6 year-olds, so have many occasions for the need of a book like “Veterinary Secrets Revealed”. I have been looking for just this book for many years.

We live in rural Alberta and grow our own organic vegetables, herbs, some fruit and Bantams for eggs, so appreciate the natural solution when possible. All the extra bonuses received with the book are very valuable tools every pet owner should have, especially “At Home Health Exam” and “Behavioral Problems”.

Some of the pictures (massage parlour cats) are just hilarious.

We are so thrilled with “Veterinary Secrets Revealed” we recommended it to (many) friends. We hope for their sake (and their pet’s) they follow up.

Thank you for your dedication in making this much-needed informative book. We look forward to learning all we can to provide a happy, healthy life for our pets. Thank you. “

Jim and Pat Van Heukelom,
with Russ, Ginger, Gus and Abby,
Buck Creek, Alberta
 “Dr. Jones,

I purchased your ebook searching for a cure for my arthritic pet. I have tried every supplement, but they stopped working. He reacted to the pain medication that my veterinarian put him on.

You suggested trying acupressure and it worked fabulously. He can run again without pain. Thank you so much for bringing my best friend back.”

John Wysong, Vancouver BC
Jonathan Carmichael’s dog Argus developed red sores and constant itching. His former veterinarian prescribed steroids. Unhappy with the side effects, he chose to take his pet off medication, but the allergies returned.

Then after purchasing “Veterinary Secrets Revealed” Mr. Carmichael had this to report:

“I was enthralled to see the large number of safe, natural and effective at home remedies for treating my dog’s allergies.

Dr. Jones guided me step by step in what to use, and with a combination of supplements including a common Vitamin, Argus stopped scratching WITHOUT the use of the veterinary medication (prednisone). I can’t Thank You enough!”

Jonathan Carmichael, Bedford NS
“This book is indispensable. There is a wealth of information contained in it that can help every pet owner, whether you have a cat or dog, young or old.

I’m a big proponent of alternative and natural health care for myself and my family, so of course I am for my animals as well. Dr. Jones’ book is very accessible and helpful for anyone wanting to ensure their animals are as healthy as they can be.

Although it is not a replacement for traditional veterinarian care, it empowers pet owners by giving them the information they need to make the best decisions about their animal’s health.

It also gives an abundance of suggestions about preventative care and how to help your cat and dog live long, healthy lives. I will definitely recommend this book to all my animal-loving friends and relatives.”

Erin McConomy, Seattle WA

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