Review Of The SportDog SBC-10 Collar

Do you get irritated when your dog starts to bark like there’s no tomorrow? Does it bark at times that are very inconvenient or embarrassing, such as when guests come or at night when everybody is sleeping? If that’s your case, then the SBC-10 is exactly what you need.

The collar works by detecting the vibrations caused when your dog barks: it also features a display that shows the level of the battery and the level of correction that is active at the moment. In addition, you can customize the way the SBC-10 operates. If you intend to understand the number of corrections needed for the substantial reduction of your dog’s bark, then you can set the collar at ‘Temperament Learning’ mode where you are offered 10 correction levels. On the other hand, if you have no problem with the collar selecting automatically a level of correction for your love, then set it to “Progressive Correction” mode. If you decide to manually customize the static shock correction offered, you can make use of the ‘User Correction’ mode of the SBC-10 collar.

The SBC-10 comes with black straps made of plastic and can be adjusted on dogs’ necks of up to 27 inches; which makes it practical to use on almost any dog. There is yet another mode that is featured: the “Test Mode,” and the collar also comes with a 6 Volt battery that is rechargable.

Paying Attention During Use

Opt to resort to the use of SBC-10 collars only when the barking of your dog is undesirable and ensure that it fits snugly onto the dog’s neck. Also, check that the barking isn’t caused by an illness or injury. Don’t ever attach leashes to the collar for that may end up in random corrections. Finally, always make sure that the bark control collar is clean and free of any objects, as otherwise, your dog’s skin might become infected or get a rash.

The SBC-10 is one of the most advanced training collars there are. Unlike other collars, it has several modes that serve different purposes. You can really expect results with the no bark 10 collar.

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