Obedient Dogs With Sportdog Field Pro: Effective Behavior Corrector For Beagles 2021

Training a dog without experience or the right equipment can be frustrating. Traditional methods of positive reinforcement with food are not always effective, and in some cases will not work at all. However, if you want to train your mischievous or disobedient dog, you can do it quickly and easily with Sportdog Field Pro. Sportdog Field Pro is especially effective when it comes to correcting bad behavior.

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✅ Sportdog Field Trainer For Beagle

High quality water-proof training collar – The collar is rechargeable and a charger comes with the package (as well as a training manual which is worth reviewing!). The charge lasts for a few days, very impressive. This collar should not be used with a leash. Also, the collar is very long and you can cut it as needed so your dog doesn’t have extra collar curling around her neck. You could also put the collar receiver on a fabric collar if you find one that is thin enough.

Correcting Bad Habits

Traditional methods consist of promoting good behavior by rewarding it with something the dog likes, and discouraging bad behavior with a stern or angry tone of voice. Sportdog Field Pro allows you to make corrections to a dog that may be far away from you. Anyone who has a dog that likes to run at everything that moves knows what an advantage this is.

Recalls are made easier for dogs that have short attention spans or otherwise do not respond to recall commands. Sportdog Field Pro will also help you control and reduce excessive barking. Barking is a natural process for dogs, but it’s very inconvenient at night, specially if there are neighbors living closely.

Bark control is not easy, specially if a dog thinks your guests are “invading” its territory. To prevent a dog being aggressive to other dogs or guests in your home the Sportdog field trainer can be used indoors on a low tone to signal to your dog that it should cease barking or aggressive behavior.

Safe and Useful

The Sport Dog Field Pro remote trainer is a safe tool to use when training your dog. It doesn’t present any health hazard as proven by studies and every single experience. There are seven different variations of the Sportdog Field Pro for use in smaller dogs.

The collar used with Sportdog Field Pro is resistant to water and comes with rechargeable batteries, which makes it both resistant and convenient. The range of the transmitter and collar is of a half-mile radius giving both owner and dog plenty of room to work with, especially when training hunting dogs.

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