Male Or Female Beagle Puppy?

You have made the decision to own a pet dog and decided to buy a Beagle puppy, leaving one more point to ponder. Looking at the differences between a male Beagle and a female Beagle you will find mostly the same characteristics, but with some early subtle differences.

When Beagle puppies are initially moved to a new home from the breeder’s kennel, they will be naturally curious and want to roam throughout the house. It may be better to keep them in the crate in which they were transported for a short time until you are ready to exercise them.

As they grow, unaltered male Beagles tend to be more aggressive. They will howl and bark after another dog and will probably chase another animal but will rarely directly attack what they are after. A female Beagle on the other hand is not as aggressive until it has passed its first experience of being in heat. It will then become possessive of its pack, its own Beagle puppies or the family in which it lives.

Some Differences Appear In Habits

As with most animals, the male Beagle tends to mark its territory by dispensing small amounts of urine around what it believes to be his territory while the females do not adapt this practice. The cage in which they may be confined in the house must also be considered. A heavy wire cage may be accommodating for a female Beagle, but the male can lift its leg and shoot a stream through the wire and onto your floor.

Both males and females will howl incessantly if left alone for long periods of time, and both genders are good with children. Early socialization with other animals will make them less aggressive towards them, so if you also have cats in the house, they should be introduced at a very young age so the Beagle pup believes they are part of its new pack and will be more friendly and protective.

Depending on your plans for your Beagle puppy, strictly as a pet or for future breeding, will help determine whether you choose male or female. In later years the male can be used for stud purposes and the female for producing litters, which will be your responsibility until they are sold. As a pet, having the pet spayed or neutered will also be your choice.

Whether you choose a male or female, your new Beagle pup will need a name. Take your time when choosing Beagle Puppy names.

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