Keep Your House’s Look: The Underground Dog Fence

Pet owners often confront the hassle of having to contain their pets within specific areas around their homes. After the initial surprise, pet owners learn that restricting their pets to the areas of their choosing is actually quite affordable by getting a pet containment system. Despite what some people think, setting up a traditional wooden or metal fence is not the only option, although it’s an expensive one that usually changes the property’s look. An underground dog fence is a good option that will not affect your house. These fences help in establishing an invisible safe zone for the pet to wander around.

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Underground Electric Fence Systems For Beagle

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How an underground dog fence Functions

An underground dog fence set includes a transmitter, a receiver device, boundary wires, and training flags. You can mark where you want the boundaries to be with the training flags and then test the system before putting it in operation. Once the dog wears the collar, it won’t be able to cross the boundaries you set. Af first, if the dog comes close to the boundaries, a sound will warn it that it should go back. If the dog ignores the warning and tries to go beyond the barrier, then it’ll receive a small electrical shock that will make it think twice before trying again.

Intent and consistent training of the pet using an underground dog fence is mandatory for the system to work successfully as intended. Every underground dog fence comes with a manual and a DVD that will explain to the owner how to best use the device and get the dog used to it. It’s suggested that you make sure the product you invest in comes with how-to material, most importantly a video as this will help you get set up quickly and properly.

Moreover, these pet containment systems are quite affordable and easy to set up. The underground dog fence system is very expandable, as you can increase or the area for your animals, reduce or increase the intensity of the punishment, and even include extra dogs.

Underground dog fences are a great tool, provided the owner spends some quality time with their dogs to train them for them. Though they prevent dogs from going out of preset boundaries, pets continue to be vulnerable to trespassers and other animals on the streets so this is something that’s important to consider before making an investment. An underground dog fence is a great way to keep your dog from running away. It also has the advantage that it doesn’t obstruct the view from the house. It’s very easy and fast to install and operate an underground dog fence, just watch the video that comes with it.

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