Hunting Dog Training! Who Really Benefits?

Hunting dog training should be taken very seriously because it requires your dog being desensitized to gunfire that normally accompanies a hunt and still be able to keep its focus on the trainer’s commands. Before you begin hunting dog training there are a few steps that need to be taken such as the trainer needing to provide to the dog a solid foundation that ensures the safety of the dog during a hunt. You may choose to start the training when the puppy is no more than four to six months old by introducing it to whistles, check cords, birds as well as the hunting dog training commands.

Beagles are a popular breed of dog to get for a family situation since they love to be in groups and be a part of the family.  In fact, beagles do not do as well when they are not a part of a larger family situation since that is their natural environment.  In addition, if the beagle is being trained for hunting, there are further specifications that have to be followed to complete the training for the dog so that it can be happy and healthy in a family or hunting environment.

Teach The Dog Not To Be Frightened Of Gunfire

In the beginning, you may expose to gunfire your puppy so that it can avoid becoming frightened which will come in handy when it becomes an adult hunting dog. You will then need to provide a foundation for the dog/puppy which best suits the animal when it is aged between ten to twelve months and is taught to work in as well as out of the field, and generally become accustomed to whistles as well as commands given by the trainer. It should also help make the dog develop its pointing instincts and learn to be patient when pointing at the time of the hunting dog training.

You must then, after teaching the dog foundation basics, train the dog to remain steady to shot and wing. Commands such as “whoa” will be taught to the dog and it will also learn the basics of real world hunting situations. Once completed, the dog will have learnt to work off leash in the field as well as outside and will then be able to retrieve to hand, which is teaching the dog to bring back the hunt without damaging the hunt. In addition, this stage of the hunting dog training can also involve teaching the dog to respect another dog’s point as well as to refrain from flushing birds.

Any dog that is descended from parents that were hunting dogs will naturally be inclined to pursuit of hunting and will have abilities that will help it in its hunting dog training. It is also obvious that the hunting dog training will teach the dog basic skills as far as its normal obedience is concerned and the dog should easily respond to simple commands such as “come, sit, and stay and heel”.

It is also not unusual for the hunting dog training routine to require taking the dog into the field for getting it used to the full effect of hunting in a real situation. It is also normal for the hunting dog training to be performed under different weather conditions and different seasons will see the dog getting used to different games.

Steps Of Training A Hunting Beagle

Training a hunting beagle begins much the same way as training any type of a dog.  The hunting beagle has to learn how to interact with people and who is the dominant member of the household that the dog must obey.  If the dog is not trained properly from the beginning, the dog will not be safe to take into the hunting environment since that is a dangerous situation for both the hunter and the dog if the dog is running loose without proper responsiveness to its master.

Hunting beagles are very energetic dogs and need to have stimulation in their lives.  This is another reason that a large family environment is a good situation for this type of dog since there is almost always something going on in a large family.  Another good idea is to buy two beagles at the same time so that they go through the training together and can also keep each other company when the family is not at home to reduce the separation anxiety.

Often, hunting beagles are kept out of doors, but if the dog is an indoor and outdoor dog, then he will probably need a doggy door or will need to be allowed to go outside on a regular basis, not just to go to the bathroom but also to gain some exercise.  If the dog is allowed to go outside, there should be a fenced in area so that the dog cannot roam outside of the perimeters of the home.  In this way, the beagle’s natural curiosity and energy will not get him into trouble, roaming the neighborhood and getting into trouble, or even danger.  At the beginning, the hunting beagle will need to be taken outside every two hours or so to go to the bathroom.  The dog should be watched at all times so that he can be taken outside if he starts to wander, which probably means he is looking for a spot away from the family to go to the bathroom in the home.  Once the dog has been taught a routine of going outside to go to the bathroom, he will not usually have an accident in the house.

The first command that the dog should be trained to listen to is ‘no’ so that he learns to stop what he is doing when he hears that command.  After that, the hunting beagle should be trained to all of the other basic commands that most well trained dogs learn, such as sit, down, come and stay.  These are important for any dog to learn, but even more important for a hunting dog that is not kept on a lead when outside and must be a good listener to his owner.  Once the hunting beagle has mastered the basic commands, the owner needs to start to train those commands from a distance so that the dog obeys even when the owner is not right next to him.  Usually, the best way to begin this is to start the commands when standing a few feet from the dog, and once that is mastered, start to move to a greater and greater distance from the dog.  Another consideration is to decide whether the owner wants to use a whistle or some other cue instead of just the voice or hand gesture since these only travel so far.  Often a dog whistle with different tones and lengths of tone combinations is a great investment to help train the dog to the different commands.

Hunting beagles have a natural instinct to retrieve things, but also have to be trained how to retrieve things appropriately so that the rabbit or other prey that is hunted is not damaged when retrieved.  Once the dog has mastered basic fetching, then the more advanced retrieval training can begin.  In this case, the dog is faced away from the object that is going to be retrieved so that he focuses on the owner until the owner gives the signal for the dog to fetch the object.  In this way, he learns to pay attention to the owner’s body language and signals.

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