How To Use A GPS Dog Collar On Your Beagle?

GPS dog collars provide the dog owner with a sense of security that they will be able to find their dog if he or she wanders off in the neighborhood. The GPS system allows for on the spot information provided to an individual through satellite systems able to pinpoint the location of the receiver.

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✅ Best Reviewed Training and Tracking Collar for Beagles

 Great tracker – This collar has tracked my husky as she ran off leash while out on hikes. It shows on our phones where she is, when she stops running, when she barks and what path she takes. It is neat to be able to watch the paths she takes when chasing the deer in the woods. It has tracked her over half a mile away. My only comment – which has more to do with my dog than the collar – is that the shocks don’t seem to phase her. I think her fur may be too thick.

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✅ Unique Rechargeable Collar for Beagles

Just charge collar every night; works Awesome – The product is awesome; so glad I found this on Amazon. Set your perimeter by GPS Signal to where you want your dog to stay. Our stubborn Golden Retriever now knows her boundaries & stays in our yard! The collar must be charged every night because it’s constantly tracking GPS satellites during the day & runs down the battery. But if you forget to charge overnight it doesn’t take long at all to charge. LOVE THIS WIRELESS FENCE SYSTEM; WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY! Out of 1-10, I’d give it a 10!

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✅ Cheap Adjustable Collar for Small and Large Beagles

Strong sturdy collar in a beautiful color – This collar is exactly what we needed for our medium-sized Weimaraner/lab mix. He is practically a contortionist as well as a Houdini and we often came home to find him without a collar on. That was no good because all indentification as well as his microchip info and vaccination tags were attached to his collar so, if he got out, nobody would be able to get him back to us.
This collar is strong and sturdy in materials used and construction. I am especially impressed with the buckle used- he has not been able to get free and I’ve yet to come home and find him collarless! The color is perfect as it is the exact color my daughter picked out to be “Zeus’s color,” aqua.

Uses for the GPS Dog Collar

GPS dog collars provide an invaluable service to pet owners, who normally spend more on their dog’s health than themselves since it is unlikely they get insurance for their dog. GPS dog collars ensure that the pet owner knows where their dog is and keeping track of location is very important to dog owners no matter if they live in the city, country, or suburbs.

Hunters utilize the GPS dog collar to track their dogs in the woods especially tracking dogs that are allowed off leash to track their prey. Hunting dogs are expensive and using a GPS collar allows the hunting professional to ensure that dogs are not lost, stolen or if injured are able to get medical assistance.

Homeowners utilize the GPS dog collars for many of the same reasons, to keep track of pets during those times when it is likely that the animal will get loose and possibly run into traffic or that the dog will get loose and be taken, especially in the case of purebred dogs. The utilization of the equipment is simple and while it is technologically based it is possible to get up and started relatively quickly.

Drawbacks of GPS Collars

One of the drawbacks to the GPS dog collar is the battery life, since it must be charged there may be times in which your pet may not have the collar on. While this may not be an issue for some, week long hunting trips may pose a problem if electricity is not readily available to charge the batteries on the dog’s collar. Pricing for the collar is relatively high and while not everyone is willing to pay the high price, for those who have lost a pet know that almost any price would be paid to get the family member back.

While not for everyone, GPS dog collars can provide the pet owner with a sense of security in knowing where their pet is and the ability to track the animal if it does get loose or away from the family or hunting area. While the price is a little high the benefits outweigh the loss of the pet and the ability to track the animal down without the price of printing posters and the hours put into searching the GPS dog collar is a must-have for pesky escape artist dogs.

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