How To Use A Dog Crate Bed With Your Beagle?

Just about every dog can be trained to sleep in a dog crate bed. This is a perfect way to potty train a new pup, but you have to be consistent and let the dog know that it has done a good job when it has. A dog crate bed is perfect for when you cannot be at home providing constant supervision to your new puppy. This will help them understand that they have limits. Again you must be consistent and let the dog know when and where to relieve themselves. Without constant training your new pup will never learn. You can also train your new friend to sleep in a dog crate bed every night. Once you make the dog aware of what is expected and get them into a regular routine, you will soon see everything fall into place. Your dog will most likely avoid messing in its dog crate bed. There are simple steps to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

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✅ Washable Dog Crate Mat For Beagle

Look no further! – It’s hard to find a dog bed that doesn’t flatten out to the point of being useless. You can feel the hard floor through every dog bed you’ve ever bought, except this one. There is no funky chemical smell to any of it and it was easy to put the cover on and zip up. The cover fabric is a soft velvet-like material that looks really nice. None of the pieces look or feel cheaply made.

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✅ Egg-Crate Nesting Pet Bed For Beagle

Fantastic dog bed – The fabric seems a bit on the flimsy side but so far has survived the washings and the zipper seems sturdy with no fraying so far. The sides were actually a bit high to get in easily so took the memory foam pad from the expensive bed that fell apart and added it on top of the egg crate a foam and that seemed to work.

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✅ Medium Dog Bed For Beagle

Great Quality Dog Bed – This bed is awesome! The Egg shell foam insert is nice and thick, the outer cover has a soft side to keep pets warm during the Winter, and the other side will keep them cool in the Summer. The outer cover is simple to wash! The dog bed came in two parts, the removable dog bed cover and the egg-crate foam. “Assembly” was easy. Easiest dog bed cover.

Follow These Steps To Puppy Training Success

Once you have introduced your new puppy to the dog crate bed, it is important to make sure that the puppy has outside “potty” time as often as possible. It is advisable to try about every three hours or so until you get your new friend on a potty schedule. Simply take the dog outside and give it a couple of minutes to relieve itself and then return him back to the dog crate bed. After about a week or so, you should be able to get a handle on your puppy’s potty schedule and coincide it with your day to day schedule. Since you have been using the dog crate bed, your puppy will most likely think of this as a safe place and once potty trained will return to the dog crate bed to sleep when the need arises.

The Final Results

If done religiously, this training process should take only about 2weeks for the puppy to understand. This method will work with any dog, regardless of age. If you adopt a dog from a shelter, follow the same routine. Remember, even though the dog is older or even an adult, he still does not know the rules of your home, and may not have ever been an inside dog. Most important, you need to be patient and this method will work. You should also be aware that a very young puppy under four months old has no control over when they relieve themselves, so no discipline should be given in this case. Reward your pet with treats and before you know it you will have a potty

Take it slow and easy…be PATIENT….and have FUN with your dog!

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