How About A Portable Dog Kennel For Your Beagle?

Sometimes there is the need to keep the pet dog captivated for a transitory time being. The portable dog kennel comes with varied models, designs, materials, and purposes and is easier to carry and handle. There are portable dog kennels for the large breeds like German Shepherds and Great Danes, while at the same time one can also find models for puppies and the smaller toy breeds, such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Chihuahuas.

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✅ Best Reviewed Portable Kennel for Small Beagles

They now like to use it as their house – Very spacious! It takes up most of the back seat of a car, but my cats were more relaxed than they usually are when riding in a small carrier. They now like to use it as their house. It is one of their favorite places to take a nap.

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✅ Unique Indoor Kennel for Beagles

Customizable – Love this pen. It’s very customizable. I even bought 2 extra panels that haven’t come in yet but won’t need for a while anyways. I set this up in a square the first night. I realized in the morning that it was too much space for a puppy whose still potty training so my husband have me the idea of breaking it into 2 squares using the dog door panel as the divider between sleep and potty zones. Just use some zip ties to connect the 3 panels to the other 4 and voila!

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✅ Best Selling Outdoor Portable Kennel for Small Beagles

Sturdy and spacious – This great! There’s enough room for me to sit inside (5’11” 165lbs) comfortably with both cats—it’s quite spacious. It folds up nicely and stays flat, making storage easy too. It’s quite sturdy too. I love it! You could use it for potty training, but I think it’s plenty useful as a safe pet containment unit.

For the larger and the giant breeds there are the options like the Midwest K9 portable dog kennel, which is approximately 6 feet in length, 4 feet in width and about 4 feet high. These are the miniature version of the chain link dog kennels, with the total weight is approximately 76 lbs. and covers an area comparatively shorter. The Midwest K9 portable dog kennel is really easy to handle and set up, and it can be assembled within only half an hour’s time.

These are made up of 12.5 gauge wire and 1.25 inch steel tubing to make it hardy enough to give utmost security for both the dog and the outsiders. The ceiling of these kennels are blocked with the sunscreen lining that not only arrests the scorching heat of the sun and the ultra violet rays, but also prevents dog from jumping out of the captivity. The purchasers are hereby advised to see that the wires must be rust proof.

Other Portable Dog Kennels

One can find tons of models and designs for the portable dog kennel based on the breed and age of the dogs. There is the fiber bodied or sturdy plastic bodied kennels that may be used to keep the dog within a temporary confinement while traveling or at the show grounds. There are portable travel pens ranging from 25 lbs. to 75 lbs. approximately. The Remington portable dog kennel is made up of high quality, high impact plastics.

Besides there are travel crates or pet taxi portable kennels which are almost 4 lbs. and are suitable during the time when the dogs are required to be shifted from one place to another. Whatever the type and the category of the portable dog kennel may be, the dog owners should always go for quality, as it is a question of security for the pet as well as your dogs comfort.

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