Holistic Medicine & Natural Remedies For Dog Parasites

Does your dog have fleas?   Do you want to PREVENT fleas?    Fleas bring tapeworms, does he have a tapeworm too?   How about heartworms?  What about those roundworms?  Ear mites?  Fur mites? Ticks?   Giardia?  Other protozoa?   And on and on.  It seems our beloved dog’s world is loaded with parasites of all kinds.  

You are bombarded with advertising to prevent fleas with toxic, lethal chemicals of all types and strengths for all sizes and breeds of dogs.  You probably have been using some of these chemicals your vet has prescribed and sold to you.  You may have even seen your dog go into an epileptic seizure almost immediately upon being administered one of the lethal chemicals sold to the unsuspecting public to “protect” their cherished little furry companion.  

You may be using these chemicals and you are troubled because your little pal’s health has taken a turn for the worse.   You aren’t sure why, but you know it all began when a foreign matter was added to your dog’s body.  Be it a vaccination or be it a chemical to kill worms, ticks, fleas, or protozoa, any time a foreign matter is put into your dog’s body, there will be a reaction.    Most of the time the reaction will happen internally and you will not be aware of how detrimental this foreign matter is.  Imagine how extremely lethal a chemical has to be if it is administered only once a month or once a season.  

Did you know that your dog’s liver and kidneys are adversely affected by the use of flea collars, chemical dewormers, heartworm drugs?  The toxic chemicals result in renal failure (kidney failure), liver damage to the point of the liver becoming unable to filter the blood.  Contaminated blood circulating throughout the body day after day will most definitely contribute to other more complicated health issues, such as diabetes and arthritis to name two of the most common long-term side effects.  

Did you know these toxic drugs cause severe skin rashes, loss of hair, epileptic seizures, brain damage?  The list of adverse side effects amazingly goes on and on.  Still, people continue to use these drugs because they don’t know there is a better, simpler, less expensive, safer, safer, safer way.

There is an alternative for your dog!

At last, there is something a lot more healthy and beneficial that you can do for your dog.  To eliminate parasites, you can draw upon Mother Nature’s pantry and provide your beloved companion what Mother Nature has provided for centuries.  Organic farmers have been using natural remedies to get rid of parasites for their pets and their livestock for years.

For fleas and fur mites, you can powder your dog on a regular weekly basis with an all-natural powder mined from the earth which has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Those of you who live in wooded environments where there are lots of ticks around would add 1/4 teaspoon of this earth powder to their dog’s daily diet all during the summer season.   Ticks have been shown to refuse to jump onto your now healthy dog.   It is amazing to see.

If you live in the Southern tier of the U.S., then you would continue adding the powder to your dog’s daily rations all year round as there is normally no frost to kill these parasites.  In fact, your dog would probably be even healthier than the Northern dogs when you follow this regiment. 

This powder is safe.  When you sprinkle it on the daily food rations, your dog will get the essential trace minerals that are lacking in most canine food products, thus it enhances your dog’s diet as well. 

Worm-Out is what we call this powdered product from nature.  It aids in getting rid of fleas, mites, and ticks on the outside of your dog.   Worm-Out is equally as powerful in getting rid of tapeworms, roundworms, and other types of internal worms that are sucking the nutrition and life out of your dog.  Worms also leave toxic substances in your dog’s body which can contribute to renal failure and liver failure and cancers.  Thus the importance of getting rid of these parasites.  

Getting rid of the parasites by using natural methods that have been specifically formulated for the canine body is critical to your dog’s overall health and well-being.   

Heartworm is a serious situation throughout the U.S.  Even heartworm can be administered a fatal blow with Worm-Out and with Parastem.  Parastem is a natural remedy that is added to your dog’s daily water for three weeks at a time.  This remedy has been shown to eliminate protozoas which are one-celled parasites that attach to the intestinal walls and other cells throughout the body.  Giardia is the most common with which many of us are familiar.  Giardia is found in the water in many parts of the country with the Southern tier being the most prevalent.  

Parastem forces the worm to detach itself from the tissues upon which it is locked and the healthy body will then flush the worm from the system.

I used Parastem and Worm-Out on my dog.  I noticed what looked like blood splotches on our tile floor and thought my dog had cut his foot and was bleeding somewhat.  Upon getting on my hands and knees to clean the floor I noticed these blood splotches “moving”.  What I realized was that these were worms coming out of my dog due to the Parastem.  They had a clear almost saran looking skin around them that I could see through and see their insides which contained the blood they had been sucking from my dog.   It was rather eerie,  but I could clearly see for myself that our regiment to clean up our dog was working.  Literally right before my eyes.

Save your dog’s life.   Save your dog from parasites.  Save your dog from chemicals and drugs, too.  Help your friend get rid of all kinds of parasites.  Your dog can only count on you.

Please visit THE PET MEDICINE CHEST for much more information on all sorts of natural and holistic pet medicines and remedies. Simply click the linked graphic below and you will be taken to this very informative website.

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