Fancy Dog Beds For Your Pampered Beagle

Your dog is your baby; you buy special food for her, and dress her in a little costume when Halloween rolls around. Unlike the neighbor kids, she never, ever goes outside without a coat. So what makes you think she wants to sleep on an ordinary old dog bed?

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✅ Unique Indoor Bed for Beagles

 When your puppy’s bed is prettier than yours – It’s so cute. Looks elegant and matches my cherry wood furniture. May not be for medium size dogs, as the main bed cushion is not very spacious. My little 5lbs Chihuhua girl fits in it nicely. Would recommend if you’d like to give your furry friend a special place of honor. ??

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✅ Best Reviewed Teepee Indoor House for Small Beagles

 Kitty approved – This was a Christmas present for our cat. Once we assembled and put it in the living room, we’ve barely seen the cat. She loves it. I placed it where she can have an unobstructed view of all the comings and goings and still have privacy with the flaps down (they don’t close completely… leaves just enough opening to see out of). The construction is solid and the material is heavy duty. I think our cat will have a hard time punching a hole in it even with her sharp claws. Even the cushion is quality made. All-in-all, this tee pee is an excellent purchase at a reasonable price.

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✅ Cheap Calming Bed for Small Beagles

Great Bed – Omg so soft and silky but at the same time it fluffy and a little firm. Stuffing is great. The edges are perfect for my dog to prop his head on. He loves this bed. Soon as it came he laid in it and wouldn’t get out.

Ever since Paris Hilton elevated the status of family dog to fashion accessory/best friend, pet owners have been racing to outdo themselves at finding the best fancy bed for their dog. What kind of fancy dog bed would be right for your dog? You know your pet better than anyone else, so only you can tell for sure; but here are some ideas to get you started.

Fancy Dog Bed #1: The Canopy Bed

Canopies are simply elegant. They bring to mind royalty and forbidden desires consummated on starlit nights. Most bed and breakfasts offer canopy beds to make their guests feel completely pampered. And who, after all, deserves to be pampered more than your dog? If you’re looking for a canopy dog bed, a good place to start is They offer Windsor canopy beds in colors ranging from chic, sheer ebony to a decadent fluffy, feathery pink. Prices start at around $275.

Fancy Dog Bed #2: The Wood Bed

All right, perhaps a canopy bed is a little too frou-frou for your down to earth mutt, but that doesn’t let you off the hook. Just because your dog isn’t a Harlequin romance type doesn’t mean she should be relegated to sleeping on the dirty laundry.

Instead, why not try something a little more sensible, like a wooden dog bed? A good place to start looking is, which offers everything from a Punkies bed in “butter soft” pink or lavender to an Emma Wood bed with a soft plaid cushion and an old-fashioned natural wood finish. For the height of elegance, consider the mahogany sleigh bed with leopard or cheetah cushions. Beds start around $350 and can run you up to $400 depending on the size you need and the choices you make regarding cushions.

Fancy Dog Bed #3: The Dog House

Finally, why not go all the way and get your pup a sleeping house of her very own? No, I’m not talking about a traditional dog house in the back yard. I’m talking about a soft, cushiony dog house were your pet can combine her instinct to sleep in a den with her desire to be pampered. You can find dog house/sleeping cushions at, which carries charming, comfortable pink and blue colored sleeping houses. The sides and roof of the house are constructed of sponge; the floor is a soft, durable mat which detaches from the house and is washable.

Now that you know the scoop about fancy dog beds, you have no excuse to make your best friend sleep on a worn out old towel for even one more night. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can make your dog the most spoiled pet on the block.

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