Expert Grooming Tips For Your Beagle

The small stature of a Beagle makes grooming somewhat easy, however these feisty little pets can move quick and are, by nature, somewhat of a handful. Knowing the right way to groom your Beagle can make Beagle care easier and less stressful on you and on the dog.

The very first time you attempt to brush your new Beagle puppy, there may be some concern on the dog’s part as to what you are trying to accomplish. The Beagle may think you are playing and attempt to grab the brush or it could think you mean it harm and attempt to grab you. As important to Beagle care as regular brushing is, convincing your Beagle you are acting in its own best interest is important.

Many breeders as well as veterinarians recommend the use of a hound glove for the two or three times weekly brushing, at least until the animal is used to receiving Beagle care by you. After the first two or three times he is brushed with the grooming glove you can attempt using a brush as its confidence in you should be high enough not to try to get away. Using a flea comb regularly will also become easier the longer the Beagle is with you, but sitting with it on your lap while it is young can be more comforting and make this aspect of your Beagle care more relaxed.

For an older Beagle, having it stand on a table while you softly talk to it while brushing seems to work well, as long as he is familiar with you and this procedure of Beagle care. Do not forget to clean its ears every time you brush it as the lop-eared animal can develop infections and hearing problems if moisture is allowed to build up inside its ears.

What You Need To Groom Your Beagle

While Beagle care usually requires little to keep your pet clean and looking healthy, there are a few pet grooming items you should have on hand from the day you bring your Beagle puppy home with you. Items that will make keeping the skin and coat healthy and clean as well as provide other Beagle care benefits.

One of the first things you will want to have is a hound glove for brushing your pet on a regular basis, usually two or three times a week as part of regular Beagle care. This helps keeps the Beagle’s coat clean and soft as well as helping to remove loose hairs. A soft brush can also be used and brushing should be supplemented with the use of a flea comb to remove smaller bits of dust and dirt to prevent any odors from appearing on your pet.

Nail clippers are also needed to clip the toenail about every two weeks, depending on how active the pet is and how fast the nails wear down during regular exercise. As part of a Beagle care regimen, they are available in either pliers style or a guillotine and either one will work as long as they are sharp. If you cannot change the blades throw then away and pick up a new pair of trimmers. Dull nail cutters will pinch the pet’s toes when using them and may cause uneven cutting.

Beagle Hair Cuts Not Normally Needed

Unless you plan to show your Beagle, haircuts are not a normal part of Beagle care, but you may find a need to trim a few spurious hairs or even the eye lashes if they begin to threaten to grow into your Beagle’s eyes. Your Beagle’s short hair should remain looking clean and healthy just through regular brushing.

Occasionally, your pet may find a need to roll around in dirt or something more objectionable and you will want to give him a bath. Using no tears pet shampoo is recommended and the dry, no rinse shampoos will also work well for Beagle care in case of the need for a bath. Additionally, a tooth scaler will be handy, as the pet gets older to help remove tartar that will develop on its teeth, if tartar control dog treats do not do the job.

Professional breeders and veterinarians also offer advice on Beagle grooming as part of a regular Beagle care program and can give you some expert grooming tips for your Beagle.

Nail Trimming A Necessary Evil

Most experts recommend guillotine style nail clippers to keep a Beagle’s toe nails trimmed as part of your Beagle care as they usually cut quicker and easier than the plier-shaped clippers. Changing dull blades is also essential as dull blades can pinch the animals toes and make the job tougher than it may be at first. If you accidentally cut the membrane around the nail while trimming, use styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Breeders also remind owners that if you accidentally cut the dog’s toes while trimming its nails, it will be harder to develop enough trust from the animal to do it next time. Proper Beagle care can also make your animal more interesting to other Beagle owners. This is something you can teach new Beagle owners especially if you plan on breeding your Beagle.

Grooming Your Beagle

Taking care of your Beagle nutritionally may seem a little difficult but taking care of Beagle grooming needs is fairly easy and uncomplicated, but time will be needed to do it properly. Their typically short, tight hair growth will rarely require professional grooming, but here are some tips for keeping his hair clean at home.

A Beagles hair is short, hard and flat coat of medium length with an undercoat of finer hair which will need brushed two or three times a week to keep it clean and healthy. A female will shed its coat every season while males will shed usually once a year. As part of your Beagle grooming brushing with a grooming glove or soft brush will generally be enough to keep the coat healthy and clean.

The ears and feet will require special attention as the natural shape and hanging off its ear allow moisture and water to be trapped inside them. Keeping them wiped clean helps prevent ear infections and possible hearing loss and a good Beagle care method is to clean the ears every time you brush the dog. In addition to stopping infections, it can also reduce the occurrence of ear mites.

Frequent Bathing Not Required

Despite all your best efforts, your Beagle will occasionally require to be bathed, especially if it found something with an unpleasant odor outside in which to roll around. He can be given a bath in warm water as part of your Beagle care using a no-tears dog shampoo and clean water to rinse it with. A blow dryer should not be used as it tends to dry out the skin and special attention should be paid to the ears to make sure you do not leave any water in them, which can cause an infection.

Toenails are another area that may need frequent attention, depending on they wear down when the Beagle is exercising. As part of your Beagle grooming routine, they should be checked often and trimmed with a quality nail clipper. You should also have styptic powder on hand when you trim the toenails in case of a small cut, to stop the bleeding quickly.

Additionally, keep watch on the eyelashes, which on a Beagle can be longer than other dogs, and they have a tendency to curl downwards and grow into the eyeball, which may require surgery to correct. You should also look at theĀ things you will need to groom your Beagle.

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