Electronic Pet Doors: Keeping Unwanted Dogs Out

Traditional dog doors have one big disadvantage: they let in not only our dogs, but other animals that might be chasing it. With the development of electronic dog doors, our pets can come safely into the house where they’ll be safe from other animals or mean children. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t buy the first electronic pet door that you find without first doing at least some basic research on the types of electronic dog doors available in the market so that you can get the best one for your dog.

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✅ Electronic Beagle Door With Collar

Life changer! – If you are thinking about buying an electronic doggie door, do it! This changed your lives as your dog can now go in and out as he pleases. Your dog is ‘free range’ in that we leave him free in the house while You are away to work and this alleviated all house accidents and seemed to make him less anxious when we left.

Different Sorts of Electronic Dog Doors

There are a couple of popular electronic pet doors namely the motion sensor activated electronic dog doors and the electromagnetic sensor based pet doors. While the former one is operated based on the working of an innovative sensor that senses the motion of the dog and differentiates the motion of the dog from that of humans, the latter is based on an electro magnetic signal that is sent from the collar unit worn by the dog.

When compared, the ones that work with electromagnetic fields are better, since they give you 100% guarantee that no one but your dog will be able to come into your house.


Just because they use electronics, that doesn’t mean that electronic dog doors are difficult to install. They are tamper-proof and offer maximum security by keeping intruders and stray pets at bay. There are even a few models that will let you select to leave the door temporarily open or close

Choosing the Perfect Electronic Dog Door

You should always take a look at several electronic dog doors before making a decision since sometimes an extra feature or two might be very convenient for your case and make a world of difference. This includes taking into account the height of the dog (now and in the future, since puppies can sometimes outgrow the door), the inclusion of installation in the deal, back up battery, etc.

The main advantage of electronic dog doors over regular ones is that they keep other animals out of the house. They are also a good choice in areas where there’s a lot of rain or snow since they will keep those outsides too. Always consider the size of your dog when looking at electronic pet doors.

How The Electronic Pet Door Works

The electronic dog door is powered either by batteries, electrical plugs, or by both. This door uses state-of-the-art technology in order to give your pet a greater degree of freedom. The door has detectors that can sense the presence of a special collar that your pet has to wear, and will open only when this collar approaches. This will prevent other dogs or animals and even potential burglars from going into your house. Of course, the technology of these automatic doors makes them more expensive, but they are worth it.

One of the advantages of these doors is that, unlike regular pet doors, they can’t be pushed open and will always be closed, keeping water and snow from coming into the house. Traditional pet doors can be entered anytime but electronic doors close right after the pet has passed through it and stay closed until the pet returns.

How They Function

There are various kinds of doors but they generally function in the same way. The door has some sensors which make the door open when they detect a magnetic (sometimes infrared) signal emitted by a collar that your dog has to wear at all times.

The door will automatically open after the dog passes through and it will lock until the dog returns to pass through again. There are some types that include a remote control that lets the owner keep the door closed or opened regardless of where the collar is.

One of the unique features of an electronic pet door is that people cannot activate the door because the high-tech sensors can detect the difference between an animal and a person


Since the level of technology used plays a great role in the price aside from the material and size of the dog door, models can go from $40 to $700 in price.

Other features include battery backup and different locking options.
The electronic dog door is powered by a normal electrical current or by batteries. It looks after the dog comes in, keeping animals and rain outside. Depending on your specific electronic pet door model, you may get different features.

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