Dog Collar Fashions For Your Beagle

Dogs have always been very close to human beings and that is the reason the gained the name of ‘man’s best friend’. However, in some cases they provide essential help for the mentally or physically challenged and in other cases they take the place of a companion.

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✅ Unique Beagle Collar with Bowtie

Good quality and looks sharp – Was great for his adoption photo and the bowtie comes on/off easily for regular collar wear. Looks sharp. The only complaint is the metal buckle is noisy as a part inside jingles as he runs/moves around. which is a lot since he’s an obnoxiously big puppy.

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✅ Puppy Fashion Gold Chain Collar for Small Beagles

 Beefy and made my dog even more handsome – I have to say, this chain was super impressive coming out of the package and looked awesome on our Boston Terrier! However, our boy is lilac & white and the chain turned his fur black! For a fun outing or occasional use I would recommend to buy this chain.

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✅ Cheapest and Most Selling Beagle Multicolored Flower Collar

 Too Cute – They are so cute!! Nice size and u can see them GREAT!! Very colorful too.

Today dogs have a whole collection of clothes and accessories especially made for every breed and personality and one of the most often used and displayed is different fashions in dog collars. Here are some latest trends and styles.

Colors and Material of Choice

Collars have always been used to hold the dog on a leash but also to identify him or her. However the dog collar fashion was mainly introduced by many celebrity dogs that accompany their owners wherever they go – one such example is Paris Hilton. The dog collar fashion has changed considerably from plain leather types to any types of material but still mainly leather ones are preferred and in as many colors as you can imagine.The most popular colors in dog collar fashion however are: hot pink for the dames and lime green for the sires. Every season the dog collar fashion world adds to their collection by creating collars with rhinestones, crystals and other semi precious jewelry; usually the first letter of the dog’s name will be displayed on the collar.

Custom Made Dog Collars

The dog collar fashion houses also include custom made collars for those of us that are creative and want our best friend to have something as unique as he or she is. Creating your own custom dog collar can be done from any material with any type of appliqué work and gemstones you have in mind.When creating your own dog collar or if you are purchasing one from the store remember to have it match your dog’s personality. If you are in doubt request the assistance of the sales associate or consult a specialized book on your dog’s breed.

Where to Find Fashionable Dog Collars

Usually you should be able to find dog collars of choice in pet stores or sometimes in department stores as well. The best place however is the internet where you can order a dog collar of choice or choose from the largest variety available. When purchasing a dog collar, besides the style you must also keep in mind that it should be comfortable for your dog.

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