Do You Need Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring For Your Beagle?

Many people buy kennels for their dogs to be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as a way to keep your furniture from turning into chew toys, to train the dog, or to discipline them by using the kennel as a method of ‘time-out.’

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✅ Waterproof Puppy Training Pad for Small Beagles

 Perfect – Washed about 5 times so far. I wash ALL my reusable pads with bleach. No problem. I rinse them cold and then wash cold with the bleach section filled up in the machine. They always come out smelling great. Now these WILL smell awful when peed on. I throw them in a bucket outside until I have 3 ready to wash. They will also not be able to handle the full load of a German shepherd, might wanna put a disposable pad on top. They are pretty much staying in place though, even on my vinyl floor.

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✅ Unique Washable Super Absorption Pee Pad for Large Beagles

Great Product – Good product. We just got an 8 week old hound mix. For the first 2 weeks we had him in an apartment. He really likes chewing on the carpet for I get this mat for his play pen and it helped save the carpet! He peed on the mat a few times and the carpet seemed dry underneath it. He also like to spill his water so the mat is nice for that as well. Was easy to wash, took a while to dry but that’s to be expected. We now have a house with all wood floors and the mat is still doing a great job at protecting our floors from the metal play pen. Would recommend!

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✅ Best Selling Cheapest Puppy Pad Beagle Pen Mat 

Great Waterproof Mat – The mat was large enough for my 8 week old puppy to comfortably play on (you can see her blending into the fireplace in my picture). We bought a 2nd mat so that we could also line the bottom of her play pen. The non-slip rubber bottom is wonderful and keeps the mat in place on our carpet. We had a few potty accidents, and the waterproof part held up great. Love that this is machine washable as well. We’ve already washed it 3 times & it holds up great in the dryer.

Dog Haven

Some people even use the kennels outside as a haven for their dog outdoors. However, with outdoor kennels, dogs aren’t protected from the elements while they’re in their dog kennels. If the grass is cold or wet, the dog is forced to lay on it through the metal mesh of the kennel, making the dog more susceptible to bacteria and illness. To combat this problem, many companies are now offering outdoor dog kennel flooring.

Comfort and Durability

Outdoor dog kennel flooring sits on the bottom of the dog’s kennel and acts as a surface that the dog can comfortably lay on. If the grass is cold or wet, the dog won’t be uncomfortable. Many outdoor dog kennel flooring products are made of a sponge-like material, which means their durable and easy to clean. This makes outdoor dog kennel flooring a must for anyone who keeps their dog in a kennel while it’s outdoors.

No More Holes in Your Yard

Another advantage of outdoor dog kennel flooring is that the dog will no longer be able to dig holes in your yard. Sometimes, with older model outdoor kennels, the dog would get bored or anxious and try to get out. With outdoor dog kennel flooring, this is impossible. Because the flooring is durable, your dog won’t be able to dig its way through. The material is tough enough to withstand digging, while it’s also made to be comfortable enough for your dog to lie on.

Outdoor dog kennel flooring is available wherever dog kennels are sold. There are both indoor and outdoor flooring, however, outdoor dog kennel flooring should be considered by anyone who has a dog who must be kept in a kennel outside. They aren’t that expensive, and it’s worth it when you consider all the time you’ll save filling in holes in your backyard or even in vet bills from your dog getting ill from sleeping on the wet, cold grass. Make the investment and search for some outdoor flooring for your pet. Your dog will thank you for it.

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