Do You Need A Large Dog House For Your Beagle?

There are so many breeds available today of all type and size to suit each individual’s preferences, from the tiny Chihuahua to the mighty Saint Bernard. While the small types of dogs are usually accommodated inside the homes of their owners, the large dogs need their own accommodation, because they would occupy too much of space inside the house.

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Exactly as pictured – Very happy with this purchase. I bought it as an outdoor refuge for our dogs and as a project my 4- year old great-grandson and I could complete together. It was a breeze to put together and the 4 year old was really able to help. He was very proud. It is very sturdy, looks great and the dogs like it, too. Even saw a visiting rabbit check it out one morning.

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 Mine is great – Before buying I read a bunch of 1-star ratings to be informed, and got worried of reports of the halves not snapping together and open gaps on the lid’s rim that let water in. Some have sealed the rear vent due to water intrusion as well. No such case with the one I received, so apparently the manufacturer has fixed some design and manufacturing issues. Mine snapped together easily and it stays snapped together and there are no open lid rim gaps for water to enter. After sitting on my back patio last night through three hours of rainstorms, there was only a few drops of water inside. Big success. That said, the dog is still unsure of it so it may take a lot of treats to get her to warmed up to the idea of a dog house. She sleeps inside at night, but I though this would be a nice place for her to hang in the daytime from time to time.

The Basic Requirements of a Large Dog House

All dogs have certain basic requirements – and these basic requirements would be applicable whether you make a small dog house or a large dog house.

  • Protection from sun – the kennel would have to provide adequate protection for the dog from the sun. This is not only from the light, but also from the heat and dehydration effects of the heat. For this purpose, the inside of the kennel should be able to maintain a cool atmosphere even when the temperatures are soaring
  • Protection from rain/snow – the kennel should be totally waterproof. Whether it is raining or it is snowing outside, the dog should be able to have complete protection form water and humidity
  • Protection from wind – at the same time, it should also offer total protection from wind. Exposure to strong winds is one of main causes for sickness in dogs.

Besides protection, the dog house would be required to offer a sense of security and safety to the animal. The dog should feel comfortable, just as a human being feels comfortable in his house.

The size of the dog house has always been the reason for debate where people are divided into two schools of thought. Some say it does not matter the size of the dog, it should be accommodated in a large dog house whether it is tiny or large, while others are of the opinion that the house should be exactly matching the size of the dog.

Both the factions of people are right in their own way. The dog house should actually be large enough to house the dog comfortably. However if you give a large dog house to a tiny dog, then it is very likely that the dog would not feel cozy enough to live in it. On the other hand, if it is just sufficient for the dog, it will make it feel claustrophobic and he may refuse to enter the kennel.

Hence, the best would be to have something that it is in between a large dog house and a just enough for it – the dog should have sufficient leg room inside the kennel, without it ‘getting lost’ in it.

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