Diet And Nutrition Of Beagles

Like people, Beagles love food and generally, any type will do as these small energetic dogs burn up a lot of calories. Their diet and nutrition must be carefully considered as part of continuing Beagle care from the time it arrives as a puppy and through the aging process.

There are many different thoughts, as well as some arguments, about what the best diet is for proper Beagle care, but there are some common agreements that address their nutritional needs and how to meet them. Many generic brands of dog food do not include all the nutrition needs of a pet, however, it is typical that a top name brand will have all the vitamins and minerals that a dog requires.

Typically, a good Beagle care diet will consist of one or two cups of quality commercial dry kibble every day, based on the activity level of the animal. Fresh, clear water should also be available and the water dish will require regular cleaning. A basic rule to follow is that if you would not drink from the bowl, you should not expect your loving pet to do so.

A Beagle will eat just about anything and they are quick to snatch up food from the floor or from other easily accessible places, such as a child’s fingers. Family members must understand that Beagle care depends on them not overfeeding the pet, regardless of how much it begs.

Fresh Cooked Meals Great For Pet

Everyone loves home cooking, your Beagle is no exception, and some people believe they can provide a healthier diet than commercial dog foods can. Muscled meat makes an excellent protein source for your Beagle care diet and with some dried vegetables tossed in can make a nutritional meal your pet will love.

For homemade Beagle care dog food, start with two pounds of ground turkey and a cup of chopped fresh vegetables, like potatoes, carrots or green beans for their nutritional content and place in a skillet with enough water to cover the bottom. Fry until the turkey is no longer pink and completely cooked and this should also be as long as it takes for the vegetables to become softened. You can substitute the turkey with ground beef, ham, your pet’s favorite poultry or veal.

Another good Beagle care nutritional food can be made by boiling liver from beef or a chicken until it is tender and then add a cup of diced vegetables for every pound of liver. Once veggies are cooked, chop the liver and wait until cooled to room temperature before feeding a cup of the mixture to your pet and watch it disappear. The leftovers of both recipes can be kept refrigerated for up to a week but should be served at room temperature. You should also learn about the right diet to feed your Beagle to help provide the Beagle care he needs.

The Right Diet To Feed Your Beagle

Part of an appropriate Beagle care plan is to find the right diet to feed your Beagle that contains all the nutrients and vitamins an active dog requires. The diet must also be designed around any allergies or intolerances your pet may have and should be one that will not lead to obesity.

A basic Beagle care diet should contain one, or all three, of the protein sources available for dogs. Chicken meal, fishmeal or eggs along with carrots, apples, green beans among others. If you plan to provide your Beagle with rice, brown rice is easier for them to digest, but both brown and white rice can help provide carbohydrates for energy and is also recommended as a hedge against diarrhea.

Antioxidants can be provided by including spinach, celery, alfalfa, and garlic into a complete Beagle care diet to supplement their nutrition. A steady diet of high-quality, kibble dog food can soon get old for your dog, as they enjoy some variety in their diet as well. However, any change in diet should be done gradually to avoid gastrointestinal problems from developing.

Some Foods Add To Health Problems

If you bought your Beagle from a reputable breeder they should have informed you of any possible intolerance to certain foods that were present in the pup’s parents. Knowing that ahead of time can make your Beagle care much easier. Failing to understand this can make it a learning experience for you and your pet and can cause issues during your Beagle care routine.

While rice is recommended for bowel treatment, some animals may have an intolerance to it and Beagle care can be slowed by a week or so if your pup ingests too much. Since your dog cannot talk and explain how it feels, you have to judge by its actions whenever a problem with its food arises.

Beagles are notorious chewers and if dog chews are not available, you should probably hide your shoes or slippers. Be careful when selecting dog chews for their nutritional content and choose those made of food products such as beef hide and a vegetable mix. Rawhide chews will suffice as long as it is under supervision. These types of chews tend to break into small pieces and can cause choking or other Beagle care problems.

Since you will grow to think of your pet as part of the family, you may want to do something special for it such as some delicacies you can cook for your Beagle.

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