Designer Dog Bed For Your Beagle

Years ago, dog beds warranted little attention. Fido was lucky if he got his own pile of worn out clothes and towels, let alone his own cushion and basket. But times have changed, and there has recently been an explosion of fun designer dog beds. Read on to discover the top names in dog comfort.

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Eloise Dog Beds For Large Beagle

Great purchase, outdoor/active dog approves – It is awesome‼. The orthopedic insert is thick and provides so much support for them. The high sides gives them a place to snuggle in and lean against, it gives them a safe place to be. It has not broken down, despite their weight of 60+ lbs. washed the removal cover, & it goes back on perfectly.

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✅ Most Unique Jax & Bones Beagle Beds With Washable Cover

So easy and comfortable – This dog bed is bigger, thicker, and more comfortable than expected. The material is thick and fluffy. It feels like it’s made out of high quality material. Not only does Your dog love it, but occasionally lay down with your dog in it as well. It is a great value buy for the price. Definitely recommend.

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Most Reviewed Mammoth Dog Beds For Medium Size Beagle

Great dog bed for small to medium sized dogThis bed is perfect for him; it’s very fluffy, yet supportive, and allows him to lay in any crazy position he likes (reference photo to see what I mean). He loves to curl up and rest his head on the sides, but also enjoys sprawling out on it. The bed seems to stay cool.

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Cheapest Bellatutu Dog Bed For Large Beagle

Design and Structure Are Great – This bed is very nice and solid for the price. like the structure of the bed and the design. The cushion is easy to remove so cover may be washed. The cover itself…not crazy about the fabric as Your dog’s hair sticks to it. Any little piece of dirt shows up on the fabric as well.

Eloise Dog Beds

Eloise dog beds are comfortable, charmingly decorated cushions in all shapes and sizes that will satisfy even the most finicky dog. Colors and fabrics range from basic gray twill with a black bone decoration to velour beds in a soft range of pastels. Terry cloth beds are also available in cheerful blues, greens, pinks, and reds. If you want a standard basket-shaped bed, your pup can sleep in ultra suede comfort on a cute, striped cushion. Eloise beds run between $120 and $200 depending on the size and shape you select.

Jax & Bones Dog Beds

Jax & Bones dog beds are down/polyfill cushions. The dramatic colors of the suede covers make them a striking choice for any home. Choices include a retro 70s look, camouflage for the hunting dog, pink for the pampered lady, and several shades of stripes. You can even get your dog a monogrammed bed! Prices range from around $100 to $175, depending on the size of your dog.

Mammoth Dog Beds

If your dog looks less like Tinkerbell and more like Marmaduke, then Mammoth should be your designer of choice. As the name suggests, Mammoth designs beds with the special needs of large and extra large dogs in mind. They offer a pleasing range of shapes, including a large donut bed, a bed couch, and a sofa bed. Buyers can choose cushions made of high memory fiber fill or high density orthopedic foam insert. Colors vary from a light floral to a no-nonsense navy blue. Prices are quite reasonable for designer fare, ranging from roughly $100 to $120.


Bellatutu caters to small dogs that wear jewelry on their paws and ribbons in their fur and have never been outdoors unless they were carried in someone’s purse. The beds, which include the Divine Sleeper and the Midnight rely heavily on comfy cushions made of fleece, faux fur, and tulle, and lots of trimming on the outside. (Think rosebuds, velvet ribbon, and embroidered daisies.)

Bellatutu products are made in Australia, but can be purchased over the internet. Prices run from $80 to $180.

Haute Diggity Dog

You may never own a Hollywood limo or a Ferrari, but thanks to Haute Diggity Dog, your best friend can. Well, at least he can own a Hollywoof limo or a Furrari. These enchanting parody designer sleeping cars will tickle your funny bone while putting your pooch squarely in the lap of luxury.

The interior cushions are made from ultra-plump polyfill, and the covers are removable and machine washable. The different cars come with clever details ranging from license plates to a Dom Perignon toy to go with the limo. These cars are designed for small to medium dogs, and depending on where you buy; they can set you back a breathtaking $350

Now that you have the facts about designer dog beds, is it time to go out and buy one? If you’re unsure about the cost, just look into those huge brown eyes beside you. Don’t they deserve the very best?

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