Caring For Your Beagle As He Ages

Beagles, like people, will age and as they do will require some special Beagle care to keep them healthy and happy. Depending on the care they received while growing up often determines their needs as they age and while some continue to experience excellent health into later years, others will develop medical problems that will need extra care.

One of the most common health issues requiring extra Beagle care as your pet ages is the potential to develop arthritis. This is especially possible if the animal was extremely active when it was young. While this can be as painful for a Beagle as it is for a human, treatment options are somewhat limited in Beagle care and your vet will usually treat it with cortisone, or perhaps a natural remedy.

If your Beagle was allowed to become overweight, it may also suffer hip and other joint problems, become lethargic, and not want to move very often due to pain. You need to make your pet as comfortable as possible and prod it into continuing a regular exercise program, provided it was on one before the onset of bone or joint problems. Proper Beagle care also includes a lot of love and understanding from the owner so the animal continues to feel part of his human pack.

Understanding Illness And Extra Care Needs

Believe it or not, as your Beagle ages it has grown to know and understand your reactions to it actions and he will know if you are displeased. Since it spent its lifetime trying to please you it does not wish to stop just because of age. As part of its Beagle care during aging, you need to be more understanding if the pet wants to shorten its walks or limit family play time. A Beagle may try to play through the pain if it thinks you are not happy with its performance, but letting it know you are happy that he is around will help him greatly.

Watch for signs of serious problems before they develop and keep in touch with the veterinarian to ensure any potential health problems requiring Beagle care treatment are caught in their early stages for prompt attention. Often, by catching problems early they can be treated before they become more serious. This is why maintaining your Beagle on a healthy diet with good nutrition will also help.

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