Breeding Your Beagle

When you make a decision on breeding your Beagle care should be given and there should be more thought put into it than which side of the fence should you have it meet with a Beagle of the opposite sex. Certain traits in any Beagle can be strengthened or weakened depending on the animal it is bred with.

Professional breeders often consider strengths and weaknesses of a particular animal when Beagle breeding, and most often determine which pair of animals will produce the better offspring. While these is some discussion on the advisability of inbreeding as opposed to line breeding or cross breeding, the final decision often rests in the potential outcome.

For example, if you have a healthy male and female Beagle from the same litter and they are both anxious and nervous, breeding them together will most likely produce a litter of healthy Beagles that are anxious and nervous. On the other hand, a pair of Beagles from the same litter with even temperaments and exceptional colorings, can be bred to offer offspring with exceptional colorings.

Beagle breeding, while not at a scientific level, counts on the experience and knowledge of the breeder to bring out the best of two animals into the litter. Whether it be strictly coloring, temperament or both, an experienced breed can come close to predicting the outcome of the litter by knowing the partners.

Good Beagle Care Produces Breedable Animals

To get started in Beagle breeding you should probably get with an experienced breeder to learn the correct way to find the right partner for your Beagle. While many people offer their male Beagles for stud service, you will want to know something about its history and the type of Beagle care it received while growing up as well as any ailments it may be suffering.

Becoming involved in Beagle breeding with an unscrupulous breeder can lead to a litter of pups with illnesses you may not learn about until much later. Like finding a father for your daughter, you want to make sure he has had the best Beagle care available and is healthy and lacking promise of becoming ill.

A Beagle with congenital heart problems requiring a lot of Beagle care may or may not pass that along to offspring, but you must decide if it is worth taking the chance, depending on your intentions for the pup litter. Either way, it is important to know how to care for your Beagle at home.

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