3 Best Training Collars For Beagle: The Benefits That Collars Can Bring

Nowadays, training collars are a necessity for teaching dogs to behave, specially for occasions where visitors are involved. Laws today penalize dog owners when their pets bark too much at night or growl or attack at people, and even just a carefree play can be mistaken for an attack by a surprised stranger. Dogs just follow their natural instincts, of course, and it takes some training to make it behave and keep itself and its owner out of danger and trouble. The need for training collars is high and there are plenty of different options to choose from.

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Waterproof Dog Training Collars For Beagle

Good training collar – This e-collar is extremely easy to use. Your dog should have basic commands learned before training with an e-collar. Only apply stimulation following a command not followed by your dog. Unless it was a bite, a command that was not obeyed should be the only times you stimulate the dog. Very easy to use. Never have used the beep sound as it tends to confuse the dog. The vibration is good to warn the dog that a stimulation may follow if his behavior continues. 3 is the strongest setting so far in a 2 month period. Never used in water, can’t comment. Battery life is good enough for any outing. If using at home, Transmitter signal reaches collar thru walls or any obstacles in your house. Our Dog is very responsive to collar stimulation. Your dog will learn to behave eventually without e-collar.

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Rechargeable Collars For Beagle

Amazing results with vibration mode only – The vibration and shock can be adjusted, and you really don’t need the shock other than a 1st time when behaving exceptionally bad; after that just the vibration or sound will remind them to behave. The collars and remote have been in use for week.

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Shock Waterproof Bark Collar For Beagle

Works great, good price – The collar receivers are light and charge fast and come with everything you need. The silicone prong covers are conductive, and you can test it with the little tester provided…or on yourself. It doesn’t hurt, more like a static doorknob shock, and good to know what the dogs will feel (through their fur). The instruction manual has some translation flaws, haha, but it is easy to understand and there are very good training tips in there. Be sure you really know what you are doing before using this collar on your dog (or any e-collar). The webbing and buckle hardware is all good and easy to use.

Choker Collars

These dog training collars are considered by some the most ethical of collars. These collars restrain dogs from pulling away from the leash, as well as from incurring other types of bad behavior. These collars are mostly used for walking the dog, especially when they are small or young and they haven’t learned yet how to behave with other people or dogs. Dogs slowly realize that jumping at people and things will give them a very annoying choking sensation. Some training collars even have protrusions that dig softly into the dog’s neck when he or she pulls too much on the leash. As soon as the dog eases on the pressure, the protrusions also lay flat back unto their normal angle.

Electric Collars

These collars detect the vibrations caused by barking and in turn, they deliver a small static shock. There is a small device in this collar that detects vibrations in the dog’s throat caused by barking. Electronic training collars may be considered humane since the shock is actually as effective as a sharp spank. These collars are very practical and effective as long as the training is constant and supervised closely by the owner; just remember to take the collar off when training is over so that the dog can rest.

These days, training collars are more of a necessity than a luxury. The main reason for it is that laws today hold dog owners accountable for the behavior of their pets. Therefore, dog training collars keep both the dogs and their masters out of trouble.

Ever Thought About Using A Dog Training Collar With Your Beagle?

Every dog may need a little training at some point in its life as left to its own devices, a dog will be a dog and do what dogs typically do. A dog training collar can add to the reinforcement of training commands and signals and help the dog not only alter its natural behavior but also learn to perform as the owner desires.

Usually a dog training collar will emit a small shock when the person offering the training presses a button on the remote control. When the dog feels the shock, applied usually to the throat, and hears the negative command, chances are they will stop the behavior that resulted in slight pain. Once the dog understands that a firm no means a shock is coming, the dog training collar may not be needed.

To help silence a barking dog a dog training collar is designed to emit the shock whenever the dog barks. Usually, a dog will learn quickly that to bark is to get shocked and they will decide the noise is not worth it. For those who shy away from shocking their animal, a no-bark dog training collar has been developed that emits a short spray of a lemon scented mist towards the dog’s nose. Its unpleasant odor will remind the dog not to bark, without the electric shock.

Shocks Can Help Pet Learn

Some dog owners and professional trainers are using electric dog training collars as part of a training regimen to help the dog learn new tricks, and not just to stay off the furniture and not to jump up on people. Usually if you slap your leg and tell the dog to come, you will probably get a dumb look. If you tell him to come and he gets a slight unpleasant shock, he may listen a little better.

If you are using a radio fence containment system you must make sure it is installed correctly and there is no threat of serious injury to your pet. Keep in mind that once your dog when wearing its dog training collar knows where its boundaries are even if you shut off the power to the underground fence, the dog will be reluctant to cross that line, even at your urging.

You should also keep in mind that a dog training collar is not something the dog needs to wear its entire life. Once their behavior can be changed by the issuance of verbal commands, the collar has done its job.

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