Beagle Potty Training

Potty training children can be tough enough, but Beagle potty training can offer some opportunities that require consistency and firmness. Here are some proven tips for Beagle housebreaking to make this task easier on you and the Beagle.

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✅ Pee Pads for Beagles Washable

Extra large for big puppies – These did the job when my puppy was being housebroken. He learned very quickly to use these pads instead of the floor, and he used them until he got old enough to go a few hours between bathroom trips.

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✅ Potty Spray for Beagles Training

Working well – My senior dog had decided to pee on the furniture. Despite having a pee pad down and being let outside often. I’ve been spraying Not Here! for just a few days and so far, so good!! I’m very pleased and would recommend it to others.

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✅ Potty Washable Training Pads for Beagles

Works well – These are very thin, but very absorbent. They don’t puddle up like some pads do. I have an old dog and she seems to have forgotten her potty training! These pads have something that attracts dogs. We rarely have “accidents” off the pad.

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✅ Beagle Bell for Door Potty Training  

Great for potty training – Good quality product and great tool for potty training. Good for both puppies or adult dogs to be able to let their owners know they need to go outside. These bells have an adjustable snap to make it as long as shown or shorter if you only have large dogs! We have our biggest pup, the pointer mix shown in the photo, and a tiny 7 lb chihuahua who can both use these bells.

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✅ Smart Door Bell for Beagles Potty Training

A perfect product – No problems with range or setup, everything worked perfectly out of the box. And it installs in seconds — plug in the receiver, stick the buttons on either side of the glass on our back door. Done.

Dog loves it too. She learned it it minutes: we had previously trained her to boop her snoot on things with the command word “target” so this was easy. We put a treat on the other side of the door, told her to “target” the button, and, boom she gets it.

Finally, she won’t have to scratch up the door anymore! I wish we had this years ago.

One of the easiest methods for Beagle potty training is the crate method, which is touted by most Beagle owners and the best way to house break them. The cage or pen your Beagle uses as a den, is its home and the thought process behind this is the Beagle will not want to make a mess in its den and will hold it until he is released to an acceptable place to evacuate.

When you have the idea that your dog needs to go to the bathroom, a good method of Beagle house breaking will involve taking it from the cage to an area outside for him to go, so he will eventually learn that that particular spot is his. You should also avoid giving it the opportunity to make mistakes by not allowing it free roaming around the house until it is completely house broken. If it is allowed to have repeated accidents in the home it may begin to believe this is acceptable behavior and be harder to break.

Since a young Beagle puppy urinate frequently, they cannot usually hold it for more than a couple of hours so having someone who can let him out to his particular spot is important. Understand, too that during initial Beagle potty training accidents will happen and you should ignore those times while praising the Beagle for wanting to go outside. You should also thoroughly clean any accident scenes with an enzymatic cleaner to remove all traces of odor so the Beagle does not feel to return to the scene and repeat the action.

Ignore Protests And Stick With Consistency

While staying in his crate most of the time may not be agreeable to your pet, maintaining consistency throughout the Beagle potty training is extremely important for success. However, Beagle puppies do not have full control of their bladder and bowels until about the age of nine months so training too early may be an effort in futility.

If your Beagle is a male, it should not be kept in a wire cage, as it would be able to simply lift its leg and shoot his business to the outside without dirtying his den. This could defeat your best efforts of Beagle potty training. Sometimes, if you bought home your dog from a Beagle Rescue / Adoption Centre, it can be a little harder to potty train your dog.

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