Beagle Luxury Dog Beds

Dogs were and still are used for guarding properties, bringing home the cattle and even for travel in places like Alaska where they pull a sled full of people. Some people keep their dog outdoors for a variety of reasons such as, shedding hair, smell and other habits that dogs can have. Therefore, it may be a good idea to build dog houses for them in order to keep them out of the cold and/or sun.

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✅ Luxury Orthopedic Bed for Large Beagles

 Good buy – It took a few hours for the bed to get to it’s full size but it’s as advertised. The bed can be taken apart for cleaning, there is a inner layer as well that is removable and it has good cushioning. I haven’t noticed if the material sheds because with two dogs we always see a lot of fur anyway. It can fit both Goldens, I got the size large but only 1 can fit comfortably on it at once.

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✅ Best Reviewed Indoor Ultimate Beagle Bed

Durable and comfy – My 85lb dog loves his bed! Great quality and the memory foam seems to hold up really well. Spent over 2 months researching for a durable, comfy bed and glad I found this.

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✅ Quicksilver Pet Sofa for Small Beagles

Not Just For Small Beagles – This couch is adorable and very classy looking which is exactly what I wanted. My dog has several floor type dog beds which she loves and will sleep in provided I am not occupying her favorite recliner. I always feel bad kicking her off when I want to sit down because she likes to sleep up on something so I thought this raised bed would be a good compromise and it is. I have it right next to my recliner and she loves hopping up on it and sleeping right next to me when I watch TV. Since the beds sleeping area was larger than the seat of my recliner I knew she was going to fit even though she is a little larger than 30 lbs.

There are many people however who treat dogs as family members and have them live in the house with them at all times. Dog beds are available in all sizes and shapes for those dogs that live indoors and while all of them provide the comfort required for a dog’s good night sleep some of them are luxurious beyond imagination.

Designer Luxury Dog Beds

When you think of luxury dog beds, the first thought would be to shop at a designer store. Due to the fact that many people are willing to spend a fortune on displaying their love for their pet, many designers have added luxury dog beds to their collection. Some famous designers that create luxury dog beds are Burberry and Louis Vuitton to name a few.

The great thing with luxury dog beds is that they come in a huge variety of designs that can fit with any décor that you may have in your house. Expect to find a chaise, long sofa, actual bed made out of the choice of wood and many other fancy shapes such as a car, a cradle and so on.

Custom Luxury Dog Beds

Many manufacturers of luxury dog beds will indulge in taking specific orders from patrons that want to custom make the bed for their best friend/ this is where you can choose the material of the bed, color, size and other features in order to match your dog’s requirements but also match your own personality and style.

Luxury dog beds can cost a small fortune but you will have a happy dog that knows it is being pampered. You too will be satisfied that you did your best in providing your pet with utmost comfort as well as the latest style and design.

Helpful Tip

You can shop for luxury dog beds online where you are more likely to be able to choose from a large variety and be able to compare designs, colors, and prices in order to pick the one best for your pet.

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