Beagle Basic Dog Training By Yourself: 6 Tips You Must Know (2022)

First of all, believing that your dog can be trained is one of the biggest hurdles a dog owner will face. Once you have accepted this challenge then the basics of dog training can begin. Your new puppy, dog or older dog can be trained by either an obedience instructor or yourself. There are many good books on dog obedience, so researching and finding one that suits you and your dog’s needs can be very beneficial. It is also less expensive than hiring a trainer to teach your dog the basic training commands. To do so successfully, there are simple and basic commands in basic dog training. These three commands are: sit, stay and come.

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Reward Your Dog With Treats

To teach your dog to sit, you will need some dog treats. Dogs respond to their training much more willingly when treats are used as rewards. Your ‘sit’ training needs to be done in a quiet area where your dog cannot get distracted. Hold the treat over his head and tell him to sit. Repeat this over and over as consistency is the key in basic dog training. Your dog will look up and may sit on his own to reach the treat. If he doesn’t react on his own, then gently push his bottom down. Every time he sits, be sure and reward him with the treat and praise him. This training will work because the dog will hear “sit” and associate it with sitting and receiving rewards.

Keep An Eye Contact

The next basic of dog training, is teaching your dog to stay. This is usually the most difficult command to teach. This basic command should be combined with the come command. Put your dog in an area with no directions. Start backing away from your dog while constantly telling him to stay. Always keep eye contact with your dog. If he gets up, tell him “no” and then start the process again. It takes a lot of patience with basic dog training. Once this process has been achieved, then turn your back and begin walking away. Your dog will naturally get up and follow you, so again say “no” and start the process over again by tell your dog to stay as you walk away from him.

Pat Your Knee And Use Happy Voice

After your dog has mastered this part of the basic dog training, then you can tell him to come. Use a happy voice and pat your knee as you say “come.” Your dog should respond to this command right away and you should reward him with a treat and praise.

Remember to always use praise and not punishment when using basic dog training. Dogs always respond better to positive reinforcement. Don’t forget that patience and consistency will reward you in the end, as your dog will have mastered basic dog training and the both of you will live happily ever after.

Use The Whistle As Training Aids

One of the most commonly used dog training aids is the whistle. Historically, the whistle was used to train hunting herding dogs. The whistle creates the least noise and its sound reaches far compared to the human voice. Besides, when you are out there herding or hunting, shouting commands to your dog from a distance is not advisable. Note that the human voice is very scary to animals especially in the wild. On the other hand, the sound of the whistle often easily blends with the other sounds of the place thus it does not cause so many disturbances. Furthermore, the dog’s ear is more tuned to higher frequency sounds like that of a whistle. Since high-frequency sounds travel a greater distance than the human voice, the whistle works well for dogs that are used for herding and hunting.

In our modern times, many handlers prefer the whistle as part of their dog training aids. The use of the whistles as dog training aids is no longer limited to those dogs that are used for hunting and herding. Many pet owners prefer to use the whistle to call their pets or to issue commands from a distance.

Using whistles as dog training aids require skills and knowledge on your part. If you have no idea how to use the whistle as part of your dog training aids, it is best to ask an expert to help you. You can’t just simply use a whistle randomly as part of your dog training aids. Always remember that you dog need to be able to understand what the tone of the whistle means in order for it to follow accordingly. Dog trainers have developed some standard whistle commands over time. For instance, a whistle command to sit can be issued by one long whistle blast together with a raised hand open hand. On the other hand, if you want to direct the attention of the dog, you can make two short whistle blasts and point the new direction with your hand.

On the other hand, different types of whistles may be used for different commands. Dogs can be trained to respond to different sounds and pitches of the whistle. However, these rules on how to use the whistle as part of your dog training aids are not absolute. You can always improvise when dealing with your dog so do not limit yourself to whistle commands that others have set.

Search For Effective Training Techniques

An undisciplined dog is just as bad as an undisciplined child, but dogs are probably easier to train than a child because of proper dog training techniques. People can find information on dog training techniques in a variety of places. There are professional schools for dogs where the training techniques are used to make the dogs obedient. Dog owners might take their dogs to these schools, and they might accompany their dogs during the training so they can learn good dog training techniques to use after the formal course is finished.

There are also some great books that clearly illustrate and explain good dog training techniques. These books are available at the public library or a good bookstore. There are many video presentations that show clearly how to use dog training techniques to produce a wonderful dog. These video presentations are often available at the library, on television programs and at some of the pet stores. These videos showing dog training techniques are often the clearest examples of dog training techniques that dog owners will find at any outlets.

Be Consistent And Vigilant When Training A Dog

Dog training techniques are formulated by experts who usually emphasize the importance of a good relationship between a dog and the trainer. The dog needs to respect the trainer, and the dog will respond to positive reinforcement of good behavior. This positive reinforcement can come in the form of positive encouragement, praise and treats. The training should start immediately and continue uninterrupted as much as possible. The dog training techniques should focus on reinforcing good behavior and discouraging bad behavior. The person training a dog should always be consistent and vigilant about reinforcing good behavior.

Experts note that dog training techniques should show affection for the puppy for best results. The trainer should remember that the puppy does not make mistakes just to annoy the trainer. The young puppy does not know any better and will sometimes forget how to behave properly. There are some training techniques using a clicker and treats to reinforce the proper behavior in a puppy. Expert trainers remind owners that punishment is not usually effective for training a dog permanently. A punishment might stop a dog doing something inappropriate when one person is around, but it will not stop the dog from doing this behavior when that person is not around. Dog owners should carefully follow the techniques that work to make sure that their dog behaves properly.

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