Are Your Experiencing These Behavioral Problems In Your Beagle?

Does he bite you?

You should not really tolerate him biting you or tearing your clothes. Say “no” very firmly whenever he does this. You could also take his muzzle in your hand and shake his head gently, while saying “no.” Once he learns the connection between his action and your reaction, he will learn not to do it. Meanwhile, you can move on to something else: distract his attention by giving him a toy. Once he changes his ways, give him positive reinforcement by saying “Good boy” to him several times. Don’t be an indulgent parent by cuddling him whenever he makes a mistake. This gives him the wrong signals that you appreciate his behavior when you really don’t. Be careful of how you treat him at this stage because it could be that this biting is because he is teething. If your Dog is a biter of things, you can make him grow out of this habit by saying “give” gently, while also asking for the toy that’s in his mouth. Once he gives it to you, reward him generously. From this, he will learn that if he gives you what you want, he will, in turn get something better.

Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD):

This condition manifests itself in those Dogs who are stressed, anxious or bored and can prove to be a very testing time for the pet owner. In such a condition, he is very dangerous to those around him and can be so destructive that he breaks things around the house and yard, attacks angry neighbors, and is completely uncontrollable. They display odd behaviors such as obsessive digging, continuous biting at their own feet, barking at nothing and attacking inanimate objects. If he is bored, you will see him digging, barking at no one in particular and chasing his tail. Take this as your cue to increase your Dog’s physical activity level. Tire him out by playing with him, taking him on long walks, opening up a fun avenue for him. Do this and you have a happy Dog. That apart, such activities bring you closer to your pet, while also reducing certain health risks, such as accidentally swallowing poison and overeating.


A fallout of physical ailments, the commonest are Distemper, Parvovirus and Coronavirus. These are often fatal and therefore should be checked in time. Rabies also leads to inexplicable aggression. This ends in death and is highly contagious too. Brain tumours, neurological disorders or seizures can also cause aggression.

Submissive urination:

Your Dog may also suffer from another kind of condition, different from anything discussed so far. This is called submissive urination and is all about your Dog urinating all over you the moment she gets to see you at the door. How do you cure your Dog of this? Simple. Just ignore it and it will go away. What you have to realize is that through this unusual means, your Dog is saying something to you. But what? And why is it using such body language to convey its message? Actually, when your Dog begins by showing you his belly, then pees a little, he is saying, “I love you, boss. Let me please you.” But to you this is disgusting and you are angry to see him pee all over you. As a result, you scold and punish him. This confuses the pet and he realizes he will have to try harder to please you, but is at a loss to do this, as his only weapon has been taken away from him. This is why it is best to ignore the problem. If he wants your attention, go up to him and say “Hi” quietly and clap your hands while asking him to “sit.” This will put him in a position of obedience. Now’s the time for you to praise him, let him out for a walk while you quickly clean up his mess so that he does not associate your warmth with his mistake. Soon, your Dog will realize that urinating on you is not the best way of welcoming you home, and this odd behavior will gradually disappear. Of course, there are those pets who cannot get over this problem. They insist on greeting long-lost friends with a puddle. Scolding him in the usual way will do nothing to solve the problem. Instead, lay washable throw rugs at the entrance of your house and keep a roll of paper towels handy to absorb his puddle. But remember, if it comes from his love, you should accept his “love” with a grateful smile.

Peeing on Himself in the Kennel:

Do you share this frustration?

‘How Do I Stop My Beagle From Peeing on Himself in the Kennel When I Leave Him? My beagle is 1.5 years old and I have tried to leave him in the house alone and find that I cannot trust him to hold his bladder. In order to keep a decent house, I have started to kennel him, but ever since he was a puppy he will pee on himself while in the kennel regardless of how long I am gone. I am not sure what to do because I do not have an area of the house I can put him in since he gets very anxious when confined and become destructive. He is a classic separation anxiety case with a small bladder – what can I do? Training? Creative kenneling ideas? Help!’

You could try taking him to a vet to be sure he doesn’t suffer from some urinary problem that could be cured. If that were the problem that would probably be the simplest solution. If you believe the problem is separation anxiety – your vet can provide medication for this as well. But this isn’t necessarily a medical problem. Some dogs who were kept in cages for a long period and who got in the habit of going potty in their cages are very difficult to completely potty train. (For example puppy mill dogs or pet store dogs-) I have heard of dogs who will potty in their crates no matter how small the crates are. First, be sure your crate is the proper size – it should be large enough for your dog to stand and turn around – but no larger. If the crate is too large try to partition it off. If the crate is the proper size and he still goes potty in it – it will be very difficult to train him not to do this. A simpler and cleaner solution may be to confine him in a *larger* area with newspapers down so that if he potties he doesn’t have to lay in it.

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