Are You Planning To Purchase Beagle? Caution! Things You Must Check Before Buying Puppies

Beagles are members of the hound family of dogs. They make wonderful family pets as they are naturally good-natured. As they were originally bred to be hunting dogs, they are also excellent when it comes to tracking hares and game birds. It is a very popular breed and is consistently in the top 5 of all breeds listed with the American Kennel Club with over 40,000 Beagles individually registered. If you want to buy a Beagle puppy, there are many different sources where you can find Beagles for sale. But it is advisable to obtain your new dog through a recognized Beagle breeder, especially if this will be your first one.

Once you have decided to buy a Beagle puppy you will probably start looking at advertisements announcing Beagle puppies for sale. When buying a Beagle pup, you should be extremely careful about the background of the animal and if buying from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for a healthy animal.

Pet stores may not always be the ideal place to purchase a Beagle puppy, as they probably will not know the entire health history of the pup. It is not that most are not honest and attempt to take excellent care of their animals, but where their stock comes from is often open to question. Even reputable pet stores have been duped by breeders of questionable integrity and an unhealthy animal brought into the mix in the store can create problems for healthy dogs.

Most veterinarians recommend a Beagle puppy not be socialized with other Beagle pups outside of its litter until at least 16 weeks old, and others recommend that time be lengthened to up to 24 weeks to prevent your Beagle puppy from being contaminated by an ill pet.

Before you spend your money on a Beagle pup, you should verify the reputation of the breeder. Your local Better Business Bureau can offer insight into customer complaints. Your local veterinarian may be able to give you contacts among those who breed Beagle pups and who he knows to be cautious and caring in their business.

Show Dogs May Require Proper Breeding

If you plan to enter your Beagle pup into shows, breeding may be a concern for you. Inbreeding, meaning they are descendant from the same line such as brother and sister, or mother and son, will not be a concern for a family pet. Typically, inbreeding may be used as a way to strengthen certain traits in a line of animals, especially to attempt to create a dominant trait in a line for breeding or showing.

Linebreeding is used with Beagles, although not as severe as inbreeding, to produce similar results. Linebreeding could be half-brother and half-sisters, or other more remote members of the same family. Neither inbreeding nor Linebreeding will produce a shyer or sick animal that outcross breeding produces. Outcross breeding is for dogs with no familial relationship what so ever.

As you venture on your search to buy a Beagle pup, you should learn more about the things to consider before buying a Beagle puppy.

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