Are PVC Dog Beds The Best Option For Your Beagle?

Many a dog owner is known to get extremely exasperated when his pet shreds everything it can sink its teeth into. Foam is a particular favorite which can become quite expensive to replace. The best alternative available to the dog owner would no doubt be a PVC dog bed that contains no shredded foam. The PVC dog bed is especially suited for small dogs such as dachshunds because of its virtual indestructibility.

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✅ Best Reviewed Original Elevated Bed

Quality item with two happy pups – Very pleased with the quality of this bed. Needed a new raised bed for our two standard poodles who love to share a bed and cuddle – together they weight approx 90lbs. They both choose to lay on this bed rather than the couch which is great and they’re happy to snooze in it all day long/
We purchased the large and are very happy with the look, doesn’t stick out as a ‘dog bed’ in the middle of our lounge room and easy to clean both the bed itself and around it.
Will see how it holds up in the long run but after a solid month of use it seems like it will hold up well and replaceable cover makes it even more attractive.

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✅ Unique Lifestyle Bed for Small Beagles

HELD UP REALLY WELL – Our puppies love this thing. We put a cushion on it and take it camping in our trailer. They love it and it keeps them off the furniture. It folds up easily and stores for travel. We’ve been using it all over the place for a few weeks now and we love it. Easy to wipe clean and no signs of strain in the fabric or wear and tear yet. I hope it lasts. So far it seems like it will!

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✅ Cheap Elevated Bed for Beagles

Such an amazing value – This bed has exceed my expectations in every way. So affordable and has shown zero signs of wear after being left out in the California sun and heat for over 9 months! Not to mention a fat little English bulldog treating it more like a trampoline than an actual bed haha.

Provides Comfort for the Dog

PVC dog beds are comfortable for the pet, which makes them items that the dog comes to love, and given the fact that they are available in different sizes, would be able to accommodate dogs of every size. Mostly, your PVC dog bed would have a frame made from PVC ½” for the smaller sized beds, PVC ¾” for medium or regular sized beds, and one inch PVC for large sized dog beds. For the cording, it would be braided 6mm polyporylene on all sizes, which is great for dogs of any size or shape. They are also available in a number of different colors to match the décor as well as the dog’s own skin color.

If you have a toy sized dog, you could choose a small size PVC dog bed that would suit Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles as well as Yorkies. Dachshunds as well as breeds that are of 50 kilograms or below in weight would be more comfortable with a regular PVC dog bed as it stays near the ground which enables the dog to enter and leave easily. For Chows, Dalmatians as well as Dobermans and Boxers, you would definitely require a large size PVC dog bed.

Cleaning Instructions

Whatever the size of the PVC dog bed, it is easy to maintain and taking care is no problem at all. You can easily clean it using a soak down with water and adding a small quantity of detergent and rinsing out before drying it. You can pick up handmade PVC dog beds and get different materials included according to your preferences.

Some dog owners even prefer to buy larger PVC dog beds than required for a single pet. This is to accommodate more than one of their pets, which makes it extra cozy as well as comfortable. The sky is the limit when it comes to pampering your pooch. Watch your budget and choose accordingly; your dog will love you no less.

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