A Large Dog Kennel And Your Beagle?

On Sunday, July 23, 2006 a reporter with the Culver City Observer sent an e-mail to the supplier for a large dog kennel. She contacted www.YourFencestore.com, the website of a company that manufactured fences and other equipment for dog kennels. She wanted the manufacturer to know that not everyone in Los Angeles County expressed satisfaction with the large dog kennel that Your Fence Store had helped the county to build.

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Objections to a Kennel’s Location

The writer of the e-mail had heard a number of objections introduced during more than one City Council meeting in Culver City. The objections had come from pet owners, some of whom had been children. The objections had not dealt with the size of county’s kennel, nor had they mentioned the materials or the construction of the county’s large dog kennel. The objections had instead focused on the location of the kennel.

Pet owners in Culver City did not appreciate the great distance between their homes and the county’s large dog kennel. The residents of Culver City were confident that the animals in that large dog kennel got excellent care, but the residents had trouble contacting the operators of the kennel.

Many of the pet owners in Culver City wanted the city to pay for its own animal control department that would provide pet owners with more accessible animal control authorities. Such accessibility would assist pet owners who needed to report a lost dog or cat. Young pet owners have an especially hard time with the present system, because they must be at school during the weekdays, and they must rely on their parents for transportation to the county’s large dog kennel.

Perhaps those young pet owners saw the Observer reporter chasing a dog one day over in the western section of Culver City. That dog had apparently escaped from a large dog kennel where pet owners could leave their dogs while they went on vacation. That facility has now moved from that location, apparently having found a more secure large dog kennel.

The reporter now waits to see what response she might get from Your Fence Store. She is curious to discover whether or not the Store has a suggestion for the people of Culver City. After all, the e-mail that the reporter sent to the store makes it clear that the Culver City could be in the market for a large dog kennel.

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