A Beagle In A Custom Dog House? We Have 3 Kennel Recommendation For Better Choice

People keep dogs because they enjoy the company that these animals provide. As many as 65% of the people in USA prefer to have their dogs free to roam inside their homes. The rest of people rather have their dogs in a dog-house or kennel specially constructed for them in the courtyard.

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Ferplast Dog Kennel For Beagle

Great dog house – Nice dog house and has optional add-ons. Easy to assemble and sturdy. Should last long time. The product is nice, bought it for a family of Beagle and hope you will use it. Easy to assemble. Overall easy to assemble, lightweight and good quality. It should contain the plastic door

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Foldable Pet Kennel For Beagle

Sturdy, Simple and Breathable – It’s spacious and allows for cross flow while remaining surprisingly sturdy. The pad that comes with it is no-frills and functional. The sides that unzip also roll up and stay velcro’s to the roof of the unit. Also, it’s a super easy to both raise and raze.

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Portable Foldable Pet playpen For Beagle

Spacious and made with good quality materials! – Very surprised at how sturdy this product was. I was also glad to see a couple of improvements from the previous model. The top mesh covering is zippered, giving you the option to keep the top opened or zip it shut. There are two zippered mesh side “doors”… with the Velcro at the top of each door, giving you the option to roll up the mesh and keep it out of the way. The floor to this product, is securely sewn, so your pet cannot escape from under it. Two pockets and one mesh pocket, on the outside, are convenient for storage. The entire product could easily be hosed or wiped clean. Overall, the materials are made with good quality. 

When Do You Need a Custom Dog House?

Most of the times you will find the best designs for a dog house on the Internet and/or pet shops. These houses usually come in many choices – be it in terms of material, design, size, or cost. You should always take the time to search, so you are guaranteed to get what you exactly have in mind. For those who are not gifted with patience, they can visit special companies that offer to build what you want for your pet.

This dog house, which is built according to the exact specifications required by a person, is called a custom dog house. These custom dog houses are sometimes self-designed plans by the dog owners; while other times they are designs that are improved upon, at the request of the owner of the dog, by the carpenter.

Designer Custom Dog Houses

It may not surprise you that the custom dog house has taken the world by a storm. Today there are many people who are really happy with such a facility and spare no expenses to see their four-legged family members as happy as ever. In their quest to give the best for their pets some big industrialists flew designers and architects from other cities with only the dog-house on the agenda. And why not?

As long as they are paid correctly and on time, they should be able to do any architecture project available. People love to think that are giving the best possible they can to their animals. True to this belief, there are many architects who have specialized in these types of fields, because people are getting attached to their dog so much that sometimes they would neglect their own children.

There are some designer custom dog houses that can be too beautiful to be true – of course, some of the costs of these type of dog houses are prohibitive. However, the trend is slowly (very slowly) picking up, and very soon you will have each dog having an owner that takes care of them and pamper them with the gift of a custom dog house.

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